What was going to happen in Scorpion season 5?

Details were never revealed about what was going to happen in Scorpion season 5 as the show was cancelled before its fifth season after a season four cliffhanger finale.

Changes in television trends in recent years has made the landscape of television series unstable. One season, the series could be the most watched series for its channel, and the next season the series ratings could drop so much that it faces cancellation.

An example of one series that experienced this is CBS’s Scorpion. The crime drama series is premised, “An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defence against the complicated threats of the modern world.”

The series was cancelled after four seasons because of a drastic drop in viewership numbers. This meant that fans never got a final conclusion as season four ended with a cliffhanger.

Why was Scorpion cancelled?

Before questioning why a series has been cancelled, you should first look at its ratings. Therefore, by the time Scorpion was cancelled, the writing was already on the wall due to the continued drastic drop in its viewership.

The series, which was touted as the crime-drama equivalent of The Big Bang Theory, was the most dramatic in its first season in 2014.

But by 2018, the series was one of the least watched dramas on the channel, so when it was confirmed that the series was cancelled, it did not come as a surprise to the show’s cast and crew.

What was going to happen in Scorpion season 5?

After the confirmation that Scorpion was cancelled prior to its fifth season, many reports at the time suggested that the cast and crew either already knew their fate or they were not surprised by the news.

This is as a result of the tweets that the cast shared following the news of the series cancellation. One in particular was from the female lead, Katharine McPhee, who played Paige on the series.

In her tweet, McPhee wrote, “Thank you so much to CBS for this journey, to my awesome cast mates and crew whom I learned from every day and to all the wonderful Scorpion fans for being so passionate about what we created. We’ll always be a family.”

One of the biggest attributing factors to the suggestion that the cast and crew were aware of the series imminent end was the decline in viewership numbers for CBS programming overall. This is as other previously popular series like Elementary also experienced the same thing.

As such, even though season four was not meant to be the last season of the series, it was the cliffhanger that left the fate of many of the characters in the air.

However, after it was cancelled, the creators and writers of the show never spoke about what the premise of season five would have been. Therefore, writing about season five’s premise would merely be speculation based on how the last season ended.

How did Scorpion season 4 end?

Scorpion season four concluded with a cliffhanger as most of the main characters seemed as if they were set to leave the Garage.

Paige was ready to leave after discovering that Walter lied, not only about his trip to the lecture, but that he went with Florence, leaving the question of whether she will truly leave.

Moreover, Sylvester and Florence had one-sided feelings for Paige and Walter, respectively, which were left unfulfilled in the story and as a conclusive story arc.

Then there was the fate of the series couple, Happy and Toby, who were considering adoption after their struggles with starting a family.

Speculating about the Scorpion season 5 plot

It would be safe to assume that the fifth season of Scorpion would revolve around the dramas that the team have to solve.

Moreover, it most-likely would have been about how the team resolving their internal conflicts as members of the team wanted to leave the Garage during the season four finale.

But most importantly, for fans, they would have liked to see how Happy and Toby’s family debacle would have played out.

This story arc cannot be speculated about as it was unclear during the finale whether or not they were both on board with the adoption option.

Petition created to revive Scorpion

While it does seem unlikely that Scorpion will make a comeback, considering that it has been over four years since CBS cancelled it, there is still an ongoing petition that is calling for 5 000 signatures to bring back the series.

It was created in 2018, after the confirmation of the series cancellation. The petition has a total of 2 695 signatures to date.

The most recent signature was received as recently as August 2022. This affirms the cult-following that the series garnered during its natural television run.

How to watch and stream Scorpion?