What was going to happen in season 2 of Night Sky?

Night Sky season 2 would have probably investigated mysteries of the civilisation that Irene and Franklin found, as well as Hannah’s fight against the Guardians.

The Amazon Prime Video Original show Night Sky was cancelled because the show did not bring in a big enough audience.

However, the second season of the show would have likely built on some of the mysteries that were established in the first season of the show and would have shifted the focus away from Irene and Franklin’s grief.

Why was Night Sky cancelled?

Amazon Prime Video regularly invests billions in big-budget Prime Video Originals like Lord Of The Rings: The Rings of Power and The Boys.

However, Prime Video is still a business, and the audiences that these shows bring in need to offset these higher production costs.

Unfortunately, the complex and endearing JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek-led sci-fi drama, Night Sky, just could not bring in a large enough audience and the show was cancelled just eight weeks after the first episode’s premiere.

What was going to happen in season 2 of Night Sky?

While it is always sad when a fan-favourite series is cancelled after just one season, it is even worse when this show is cancelled with the main characters literally on the verge of discovering a whole new civilization on an alien plant.

This is exactly what happened in the eighth and final episode of Night Sky called “Compensation.”

The first season of Night Sky started out as a story that followed Irene and Franklin York as they grieve the loss of their son, but as the season progressed it got much more complicated.

The season one finale episode was split into two main narratives. Irene and Franklin discover that the planet which they have been observing for years from their bunker has breathable air and an entire civilization that they knew nothing about, and Denise and Jude leave together in search of his father.

It is likely that the second season of the show would have given fans more insight into this new planet and possibly even Byron’s disappearance.

On the other hand, Toni find out from Cornelius that her father is living in a place called Caerul, but nothing else about Caerul is revealed for the rest of the season.

Hannah also welcomed Cornelius, Stella, and Toni to the “Fallen World”, which could have really shifted the entire focus of the show in the second season.

Which cast members would have returned for the second season of Night Sky?

Night Sky was cancelled long before plans for the second season of the show could be finalised and as a result, no official cast list was ever released for the second season.

However, fans of the show expected to see Sissy Spacek as Irene and JK Simmons as Franklin again in the second season.

It is also likely that Chai Hansen (as Jude), Julieta Zylberberg (as Stella), Rocío Hernández (as Toni), and Kiah McKirnan (as Denise) would all have reprised their roles.

What would have happened to Irene and Franklin in the second season?

The finale episode of the first season of Night Sky revealed the shocking fact that the “alien” planet that Irene and Frank had been observing for years contained breathable oxygen and a mysterious civilisation.

It is very probable that Irene and Frank would have investigated this strange civilisation and its possible connection to the cult and Caerul, in more detail in the second season of the show.

It is also likely that Byron stumbled upon this same realisation earlier on in this season and set out to explore this civilisation all on his own and that Irene and Franklin would have found him there eventually.

What would the focus of the second season if Night Sky have been?

Hannah was one of the more mysterious characters throughout the first season of Night Sky and she clearly knew a lot more about all of the mysteries surrounding the Yorks’ portal than the other characters of the show.

By the end of first season, Hannah welcomed Cornelius, Stella, and Toni to the so-called “Fallen World”.

It is still unclear whether she was speaking metaphorically about their devotion to the Guardians wavering or whether she was just referring to the planet that they were on, but it is evident that Hannah and her fight against the Guardians would have been one of the main plot points of the second season of the show.

Some fan theories also suggest that the second season would have gone beyond Hannah’s fight against the Guardians and would have explored the idea that the portals also enabled time-travel.