What would have happened in The Finder season 2?

The Finder season 2 would likely have picked up where the season one finale left off, with Walter detained and Willa running away.

The Finder was cancelled owing to a few of different reasons, but mainly because of poor ratings and viewership numbers.

However, if the series did continue, the second season would likely have seen the team trying to get Walter released and would have featured some all-new cases for them to solve.

Why was The Finder cancelled?

Most avid television show viewers will know that a show usually needs a few seasons before it really finds its feet and can be considered worth the watch. This is what makes it so sad when a new show is cancelled after just one season.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to the Bones spin-off, The Finder, when it was cancelled in 2012 as a result of low viewership and overall declining ratings. All in all, the show only had a total of 13 episodes.

What would have happened in The Finder season 2?

The first season of The Finder started out with Walter Sherman (played by Geoff Stults) who is a quirky veteran.

Walter  suffered a traumatic head injury during his time in the Iraq War which gave him the uncanny ability to find anything and create patterns where other people could not see them, and his team as they set out to solve seemingly impossible cases.

Unfortunately, Walter and his team were not given much of a chance, as The Finder’s cancellation was already announced before the finale episode of the first season, titled “The Boy with the Bucket” could even air.

This also means that the show’s creators did not have much of a chance to plan the second season of the show.

However, the first season’s finale episode did provide some clues as to what the plot of the second season would have been.

The season one finale ended with Walter being arrested, while Leo and Isabel were left to look on helplessly. Moreover, Willa was on her way out of town after refusing to marry Timo.

As a result, we can assume that the second season’s plot would  likely have revolved around how the rest of the team would go about getting Walter off the hook and exploring where Willa would have ended up.

It is also probable that fans would have seen more of Walter’s brother in future episodes and of course, seen the team solve some seemingly impossible cases just like they did in the first season of the series.

Which of the The Finder cast members would have returned in season 2?

Since The Finder was cancelled before the first season of the show had even ended, no official cast list was released for the second season of the show.

However, most fans assumed that the main cast members from the first season, including Geoff Stults, who played Walter Sherman, Mercedes Mason, who played Isabel Zambada, Maddie Hasson, who played Willa Monday, and possibly even Toby Hemingway who played Timo Proud, would all have reprised their roles.

Bigger questions about the second season of The Finder

When Walter and his brother, Langston, met with their father in the season one finale episode, it was the first time that fans were introduced to the fact that Walter’s injury had changed quite a lot of his personality, aside from giving him his special “finder” abilities.

Later on in the episode, he even exposes a darker side of his character in a hand-to-hand combat scene.

It is likely that Walter’s old personality and how he has changed since would have been explored in more detail in the second season of the series if it was renewed.

Would The Finder and Bones have had another crossover episode?

One of the reasons why The Finder did not end up having the same kind of success that its predecessor, Bones, had (even though both shows had a very similar format) is because fans felt like Fox was trying to replace the fan-favourite Bones with this new series.

Especially because The Finder was aired in Bones’ place when the show took a production break.

However, even so, the The Finder/Bones crossover episode, which aired in 2011, is what gave The Finder its start.

The creator of both shows, Hart Hanson, has confirmed that they were planning to do another crossover episode if The Finder was renewed.

Unfortunately, now that the show has been cancelled and Michael Clarke Duncan, who played Walter’s sidekick, Leo Knox, on the series has passed away, fans will never get to see what this second crossover would have looked like.