When a Cancer woman is done with you

How can you know for sure if your Cancer woman is done with you and how will you be able to pick up on this in her behaviour?


Going through a rocky relationship with a person you feel strongly for can be a tricky road to remain on. When a relationship seems to have run its course for the both of you, ending it is the best thing to do in order for you to both move on.

However, when a relationship has run its course for just one of you and not the other, it can be a sad thing to experience by the person who is still invested. If you are dating a Cancer woman and feel she is drawing away, knowing the signs will help.

A Cancer woman being done

Different zodiac signs will act a certain way when it comes to how you can tell if they are done with a relationship or not. This is because zodiac signs have different personality traits and energies that are projected in the way they act when it comes to certain situations and issues. When you are with a Cancer woman, there will be certain ways that she will act, especially if she seems to be headed towards ending the relationship with you. There will be some changes and shifts in her that will indicate that something is wrong.

When a Cancer woman is done with you

When a Cancer woman is done with you, you will notice specific changes in the ways that she handles herself in the relationship. There will be reasons for her showing signs of wanting to leave the relationship, which could be dependent on how the relationship has been going and your possible treatment of her. She will not just want to leave for no reason, and there will be a valid explanation for it.

There are certain signs that you will need to look out for if you suspect that your Cancer woman might be done with you. Her zodiac sign traits will be on display, as she displays signs of wanting to move on. If you suspect that it is possible, your Cancer woman is done with you and the relationship, looking out for the right signs will help prepare you.

What turns a Cancer woman off leading her to be done with you?

There are certain things in the way a man acts that can be enough to turn a Cancer woman off, to the point that she is done with you. These include having no sense of humour and being shallow. If a Cancer woman picks up that you cannot take a joke or barely laugh, this will be an immediate turn off for her. Since Cancer women look at men from an emotional and thought-provoking perspective, you will not want to come across as shallow to her.

How her being resentful indicates she is done with you

If you find that your Cancer woman seems to be taking out some of her unexplained frustrations on you, it could be that she is becoming resentful of the fact that she is coming to the realisation that she is done with the relationship. This is because she will be feeling chained in life and is no longer in love with you. This will lead her to be critical of you, even when there is no need, and this could lead to her developing some hate towards you when it is all said and done.

How her being irrational and clingy means she is possibly done with you

When she is done with you, she will be very irrational in her behaviour. She will start to behave in ways you do not understand and also say things you do not understand. To see what might be going on in her head, calling her out will show you if there is a problem as she will be defensive. Being clingy is another sign, but in this case, it will not necessarily feel as genuine and sincere as it should if she was not done with you.


Having or sensing that anyone is falling out of love with you can be a very hard and painful thing to experience, especially if you really loved the person and saw you both having a long-lasting relationship. Unfortunately, when things seem to be going wrong, ending it is for the best.

If you are in love with a Cancer woman and you suspect that she might be done with you, looking out for signs in the way she might start to act, like being irrational will tell you if she is still invested in the relationship or completely done.