When a Pisces woman is done with you

How you can tell that a Pisces woman is completely done with you and the relationship through her change in attitude, her behaviour and how she expresses emotions?

When you begin to sense something might not be feeling right in your relationship anymore, most of the times your intuition can be right and something could definitely be wrong.

You might be feeling a change in attitude from your partner, a change that is specifically leading you to believe something is wrong.

When you are in a relationship with a Pisces woman and you are concerned that there has been a shift in her energy in the relationship, you are most probably right.

There are obvious signs you will pick up when your Pisces woman is having her doubts about the relationship.

A Pisces woman being done with you

Anyone in a relationship will be able to sense when their person seems to be a little withdrawn or no longer behaving the same, meaning that something is possibly not right.

When a Pisces woman starts acting differently, it is highly likely that she might be withdrawing from the relationship and you.

It might also mean that there are certain signs that you will have to look out for to determine if this is really the case. There will be certain mood changes and behaviours in her that you will not recognise, indicating that something is wrong.

When a Pisces woman is done with you

If you know your Pisces woman well, you will know when there has been a change in the ways she is within the relationship. There could be reasons as to why you might be feeling her withdrawing from the relationship or behaving completely different.

It could be that you have done something to hurt her or upset her. When someone detaches from a relationship, something most probably happened to lead them to think that they are done with you.

If you have hurt a Pisces women numerous times, this could be one of the reasons she is headed towards being done with you and the relationship.

So, if you are aware of what the matter could be, the signs that your Pisces woman is done with you will be there in attitude and behavioural changes.

How to know a Pisces woman is done with you through her display of emotions

When a Pisces woman seems to be done with you and the relationship, you can observe some changes in her emotions, especially those she feels within herself.

You will notice that she is more insecure than she normally would be, and this could be an indication for her to end the relationship.

She might also be suppositive towards you, and will question you a lot, thus accusing you of acting differently and in ways that are upsetting her. She will also read too much into your words and actions.

How to know a Pisces woman is done with you in her attitude

When a Pisces woman is fed up and done with you, she will definitely have a change in attitude that is not good. She will not treat you as nice as she normally would. The way she addresses you will change completely and will come off as rude.

She will be mean in the ways that she talks to you and will seem to ignore a lot of what you will have to say, especially your opinions. She will completely ignore you, as if you do not exist.

How to know a Pisces woman is done with you in her behaviour?

You will know a Pisces woman is done with you when she starts behaving differently. You will find that your Pisces woman will start to act in ways that come off as selfish in nature.

This could be something you are not used to, especially if she is not someone you have known to be selfish.

You will also observe that she will change in situations where you are meant to be intimate with her. During moments of sex, she could be distracted. This is never good.

Final Thoughts

When people tend to draw away from a relationship, it is usually because they no longer feel that being in it is benefitting them. It can also be because they have been hurt countless times and no longer have the capacity to remain in an unhappy and unhealthy situation.

When a Pisces woman is done with you, you will see changes in her attitude towards you, changes in her behaviour towards you and changes in the way she is handling her emotions.

When a Pisces woman is thinking of leaving the relationship, you will see it through this.