When does Your Honor return?

Bryan Cranston said that season two of Your Honor will be the last and if this is true, the show will never return for a third season.

Your Honor was originally only intended to be a limited series with just a few episodes, but now the show has two complete seasons.

Unfortunately, Bryan Cranston stated that the second season will be the show’s last. So at this stage, it seems like it is not a question of when the series will return for a third season, but whether it will return at all.

Was Your Honor supposed to be a limited series?

Your Honor, which is based on the Israeli TV series, Kvodo, was also originally only meant to be a limited series with one season. This is likely why the series drew in such a large audience so quickly.

Though Your Honor was only meant to be a 10-episode limited series originally, the show drew in such a large audience that Showtime decided to renew it for an unplanned second season.

Just one quick glance at Your Honor’s first season ratings and viewership numbers reveal why the network decided to extend the show’s run so early on.

When does Your Honor return?

On the night of Your Honor’s first season premiere, the show snatched the title for the largest audience for a limited series in Showtime’s history.

This success continued throughout the first season and by the time that the season one finale aired, the series had been seen by over 1.7 million viewers.

Fans and Showtime were clearly fired up by the time that the second season of Your Honor was announced, but sadly, the season’s release was delayed.

The second season was originally meant to premiere in December 2022, which was already almost two years after the first season had ended but was then rescheduled to 15 January 2023. This long-awaited second season officially concluded on 19 March 2023.

To the dismay of fans around the globe, Bryan Cranston (who stars in the series as Michael Desiato) said during an interview on Dax Shepard‘s “Armchair Expert” podcast that he was preparing “for the second and last season of Your Honor”.

Regrettably, this implies that this second season is likely to be the show’s last.

If this is true, then Your Honor will not be returning to Showtime or any streaming service in the future. However, since the series has been such a popular addition to the channel, it seems unlikely that Showtime would cancel it now.

Many fans of the show still hold out hope that since Showtime has not officially announced the show’s cancellation and the final episode of the second season was promoted as a “season finale” and not a “series finale”, that there is still a chance that Your Honor could return for another season in the near future.

Was the second season of Your Honor as popular as the first?

It is always difficult for the second season of a show to live up to the buzz of the first season. This is especially true for a series like Your Honor, which was renewed because of its successful first run.

Though the second season of Your Honor did not quite reach the viewership numbers that the first season did, it was still one of Showtime’s most popular shows and brought in over a quarter of a million viewers on average, as shown below:

Viewership and ratings Season 1 Season 1
Average viewership 591 000 285 000
Average rating in the 18-49 demographic 0.08 0.05

How did season 2 of Your Honor end?

Where the first season of Your Honor mostly dealt with Michael’s guilt over losing his integrity, the second season focused on his grief after losing Adam. It also focused on his renewed purpose to help bring down the Baxter crime family.

The second season ended with Michael finally telling the entire truth on the stand and Eugene doing the same. Fans also got to see Carlo and Gina making a deal with Big Mo, while Thea was absolutely destroyed after finding out what her family did.

Will Your Honor be renewed?

While Bryan Cranston seemed pretty convinced that the second season would be the last for Your Honor, there is still a chance that Showtime may ultimately decide to renew the series for a third season.

Your Honor has also been a popular draw for Showtime’s streaming service, which may just be enough of an incentive for the network to keep it around for one more year.

Will Bryan Cranston return for Your Honor season 3?

Bryan Cranston’s character, Michael, is such a central figure in Your Honor that it is difficult to imagine the show without him.

However, though this role helped Cranston out of a character rut following the success of Breaking Bad, it has reminded many viewers and producers of what a compelling actor he truly is.

While Cranston might want to return to the series if it is renewed, scheduling conflicts may become an issue as he already has various ongoing projects, including Asteroid City, Argylle, and Jackpot, lined up.

When will Your Honor return?

If Showtime does decide to renew Your Honor for a third season, it is likely that fans will have to wait a while before this season will actually start airing.

Viewers should keep in mind that there was an almost two-year gap between the first and second seasons of the series, and production has not even officially started on the third season of the show yet.

For this reason, it is fair to assume that the third season may only start airing late in 2024.

Did Your Honor tie up all of its loose ends?

Whether  Showtime decides to cancel or renew Your Honor, most fans are happy with the way that the show concluded its second season.

This second season provided a deeper understanding of the characters and their motivations overall, and it even ended with most of the plotlines coming full circle.

With that being said, though, the ending did leave enough room for new plots involving the Baxters, Big Mo, and more, if the show does come back.