When is Ozark coming back?

Ozark season four, part two has been confirmed to return in April 2022, which will mark the conclusion of the Byrde family’s quest for freedom.

In January 2022, Netflix’s Ozark premiered the first part of its fourth season, which was confirmed to be the last season of the hit crime espionage drama series.

Season four, part two of Ozark has been two years in the making, due to the delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consisting of 14 episodes, fans who were in the know that the fourth and final season was divided into two parts wondered when Netflix would make the second half of the season finale available.

But in February 2022, Netflix confirmed the April 2022 release date for Ozark’s season four, part two.

What is Ozark?

Ozark first premiered on Netflix in 2017 and was an immediate hit with fans as the series followed after the conclusion of Netflix’s hit crime drama series, Narcos.

The five Primetime Emmy awarded series was created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, and the premise of the show is, “A financial advisor drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.”

Central to the premise is a married couple, Martin “Marty” and Wendy Byrde, played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, respectively.

For four seasons, the couple has been trying to free themselves and their family from working for the Navarro drug cartel.

When is Ozark coming back?

Season three of Ozark premiered on Netflix in March 2020, and season four was expected in 2021. However, with the global pandemic hitting the world suddenly and causing delays in the film and television industry, there was an inevitable delay.

Moreover, in light of Netflix original series generally having a four-season duration, fans did expect that the season would mark the end of the series.

It, therefore, came as no surprise when in June 2020, Netflix confirmed that season four would be the season finale of the series. Moreover, they announced that the series would be divided into two parts comprising seven episodes each.

Ozark season four part one, premiered in January 2022, and season four, part four was speculated for the second half of the year. However, in February 2022, Netflix revealed that part two of season four will be released on Friday, 29 April 2022.

How did Ozark season 4, part 1 end?

The confirmation of an April 2022 release date for Ozark season four, part two, marks the conclusion of the Byrde family’s quest for freedom from the Navarro cartel.

Season four, part one left many open-ended cliffhangers, the biggest of which is the question; what is going to be the implication of Omar Navarro’s arrest by Agent Miller for the rest of the cast?

This is since Agent Miller went against the orders of her FBI superiors, and jeopardised the Byrdes’ soundproof plan for freedom.

Moreover, her actions will probably instigate the revenge of the Navarro cartel, specifically Javi, who will most likely seek revenge.

How Ozark tied season 4, part 1 with season 4, part 2’s teaser

When Ozark’s season four, part one premiered, the first scene of episode one was a flash-forward showing the Byrde family involved in a car accident, as they are presumed to have been leaving the Ozarks.

When Netflix shared the trailer for season four, part two, a scene of Ruth Langmore in a car seemingly driving and distraught is what stood out the most.

The trailer teases that there might be a connection between the two scenes, and that Ruth may be behind the Byrdes’ car accident.

This furthers the thrill and anticipation of the upcoming season finale, as interest is piqued as to why Ruth would want to kill the Byrde family.

Chris Mundy on Ozark season 4, part 2

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in January 2022, Ozark’s showrunner, Chris Mundy, shared what fans can expect in the series finale by stating, “I always want closure. I don’t want to feel messed with. I want to feel like, “OK, that was the end.”

Mundy went on to speak about the tone of the series finale, explaining, “In terms of tone, we’re going deeper into the family and their bonds. Is family the ultimate bond? Is friendship? Is marriage? At what point is it almost unhealthy to stay, even if you love somebody? We’re going to delve into that with Marty and Wendy. Hopefully, the back half will still be fun and exciting, but also really emotional for the Byrdes and Ruth.”

Final thoughts

Ozark has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix since it first premiered in 2017.

In the five-year journey since, it has also become one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed crime drama series to have been created in the 2010s, with five Primetime Emmy awards to date.

In January 2022, Ozark season four, part one was released. This release marked the 14-episode countdown to the conclusion of the series.

While part two of season four was expected in the second half of 2022, Netflix surprised fans in February 2022, when it confirmed that the release date of the series finale episodes was Friday, 29 April 2022.