When will BritBox get Shetland season 7?

BritBox received season 7 of Shetland on Tuesday, 13 September 2022, just before the touching season finale in which its protagonist bid farewell to Shetland.

The introduction of BritBox allowed the rest of the world to get acquainted with the best of English television shows, which would otherwise not have been possible.

In light of this, the world has come to gain an appreciation for English television shows and series outside of more popular, international shows like Downton Abbey.

One show that has garnered an international following in the US is crime murder mystery, Shetland. As such, fans were hotly anticipating the arrival of the show’s seventh and latest season which premiered on television in August 2022.

The season arrived on BritBox in September 2022, a day before the conclusion of its television run.

How much is BritBox in the US?

In the US, BritBox is usually purchased as an add-on channel through most people’s Amazon Prime Video subscriptions.

In order to get the streaming service as a channel on your Amazon Video subscription via Amazon Prime, you can add it for the additional cost of $6.99 per month.

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For those who want a longer commitment, an annual subscription costs $69.99, which gives you a $14 discount. Moreover, first-time BritBox subscribers, can enjoy a seven-day free-trial before they are billed for their first month of the subscription.

When will BritBox get Shetland season 7?

Before season seven of Shetland’s natural run on television in August 2022, in July of the same year, lead actor, Douglas Henshall, confirmed that the upcoming season would be his last season.

This is as he decided to let go of his role as the beloved but tortured DI Jimmy Perez after playing the role for nine years and seven seasons.

Thereafter, the BBC hit crime murder mystery drama premiered on Wednesday, 10 August 2022. As had been done with the previous seasons, season seven had six episodes which concluded on Wednesday, 14 September 2022.

Due to the precedent set by the arrival of the previous seasons on BritBox a week or two after the season concluded its natural television run, it was speculated that season seven of Shetland would follow the same trajectory.

But for reasons unknown, the new season came earlier than anticipated. This is as it arrived on BritBox on Tuesday, 13 September 2022, which was a day before the season finale was set to air.

This means that Shetland season seven is available to the US market, and they finally get to see how the series bids its beloved protagonist farewell. Moreover, they get to see glimpses of how the series is set to move on after the departure of DI Jimmy Perez.

How to watch and stream Shetland?

What is Shetland season 7 based on?

Like the rest of the crime murder mystery drama’s seasons, which are based on the novels by Ann Cleeves, season seven’s premise was based on the initial disappearance of Connor Cairn, who was not a native of Shetland but was welcomed warmly with his mother.

Will Shetland continue without Perez?
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After his disappearance turned into a murder investigation, the truth about Connor and the relationships that he made become a complicated race against time as the secrets that were revealed placed the entire town in imminent danger.

Does DI Jimmy Perez die in Shetland season 7?

Since Douglas Henshall confirmed his exit from Shetland before season seven, which is his last season, there was a lot of speculation about how the series would make this happen.

But Henshall had made his intentions clear following season five and used seasons six and seven to give his character a proper send-off.

Although he did not die at the end of the season,  he broke his own rules in order to serve justice to someone who deserved it. But it came at the cost of his badge, which is the reason that he will not return.

Who will take over from DI Jimmy Perez after his season 7 exit?

The details of season eight and what it will look like in light of Douglas Henshall’s exit as DI Jimmy Perez is still up in the air. But the season seven finale did give slight clues about who will helm the new season.

This is as after Perez was indefinitely suspended and emotional, Tosh confronted him suggesting that they could not do this job without him. Perez only replied by stating, “You’re ready, trust me.”

This caused many to believe that Alison O’Donnell in the role of DS Alison “Tosh” McIntosh is set to be named the new DI in the next season and that the story will have her at the helm.