Where are The Last Alaskans today?

Surprisingly, most of the cast members of The Last Alaskans are still living their lives the same way, except the Lewis family who left prior to season three.

One of the most popular reality format shows of the mid-2010s was The Last Alaskans. The show first premiered on the Animal Channel in 2015. For the subsequent three seasons that followed, the show aired on the Discovery channel before the series concluded after season four in 2019.

The premise, which arguably captured the imagination of viewers, was shared as, “An eight-part special event that documents the lives of some of the most isolated people in America – the last of their kind – as they struggle and thrive in Alaska’s untouched wilderness located hundreds of miles from roads, civilization and each other.”

Fans of the show still wonder what happened to the cast after the end of the series, which, for the most part, did not reveal much.

Was The Last Alaskans scripted?

The series was premised on people who faced the harshest conditions living on Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

This refuge is notorious for having extremely unforgiving weather conditions, which makes it almost impossible to live in the 19 million square miles of freezing and mostly untouched terrain.

Because of this, there was a lot of speculation that the series may be scripted, but it has been confirmed that the show is real and unscripted. This is highlighted by the fact that the series is slow, owing to the slow nature of living in an area where almost nothing happens.

Where are The Last Alaskans today?

Before the end of the natural run of The Last Alaskans on television, the series had its first major exit prior to the third season of the show.

For the first two seasons, fans had fallen in love with the Lewis Family of five, which includes married couple Ray and Cindy, and their three daughters Molly, Sarah, and Emma.

The family endeared viewers, especially Ray, who in the second season, returned with a keen interest in building his own houseboat. Therefore, it came as a surprise when the family did not return to the show for the third season.

The producers seemingly disregarded their exit, as it was not addressed in the show or with a formal statement providing reasons for the family’s decision to leave.

Only when asked directly by the Reality Blurred publication to share what happened to the family, did the show comment on the exit. Ironically, the decision to leave the show was somewhat hinted at by their storyline in the second season.

After Ray completed the construction of his houseboat, he reportedly did what anyone who had just finished building their own houseboat would do; he and his wife took the houseboat and decided to live on it.

Their children used the opportunity to explore their own journeys and passions since they had turned of age.

Similarly to the Lewis family, most of the cast members’ lives did not change much since they appeared on camera, for the most part, except the untimely passing of Bob Harte.

Where to watch The Last Alaskans?

What happened to Bob Harte?

Bob Harte may have not been part of the main cast of The Last Alaskans, but he did make an impact as one of the beloved supporting cast members on the show.

He captured the hearts of fans through the multiple tales of his near-death experiences that included gunshot wounds, wildlife attacks, and crashing landing his prop plane.

Many fans were shocked when it was confirmed that Harte had passed away in July 2017,. Allegedly, the cause of his death was cancer, which he was reportedly fighting for years before he succumbed to it. Harte was 66 years old at the time of his death.

What happened to Heimo Korth?

Heimo Korth, who is arguably the biggest star to have come out of The Last Alaskans, is regarded as the “godfather of the final frontier”, as he is the oldest permanent resident of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Before The Last Alaskans, Heimo made his television debut as part of the cast of 1992’s Braving Alaska. In 2021, three years after the conclusion of The Last Alaskans, it was reported that Heimo and his partner, Edna, were still living in the refuge and had no intentions of moving.

What happened to the Seldens, the Korths, and the Nelsons?

The Seldens are a family that was part of The Last Alaskans. The family was made up of a husband and wife, Tyler and Ashley, and their infant daughter at the time.

The couple had lived in the refuge for three years before they moved to the trapping camp on the arctic river. Since then, the couple has called the trapping camp home, and they work outside of Fairbanks.

Another young couple was Heimo and Edna Korth, accompanied by their youngest daughter, Krin Nelson, and her husband Scott Nelson, who was a former marine and experienced trapper. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, Colby.

Similarly to Krin’s parents, it seemed they did not have any intentions of moving as they survive adequately from trapping and fishing. Moreover, it is believed that Krin will inherit the residential rights to stay on the land when Heimo and Edna are late.