Where does Netflix announce renewals?

Netflix announces its renewals through its mailing list, social media profiles and through the Netflix Newsroom.

As with most other streaming platforms, Netflix is constantly adding new shows and films to its library of content.

However, if you want to find out whether your favourite Netflix show has been renewed or not, your best bet is to subscribe, to opt in for the emails or notifications, or to scroll through the Netflix Newsroom.

Netflix’s history with show renewals

Netflix pushes out dozens of new shows every month. Just like most other streaming services, Netflix’s library is a revolving door for films, television shows and original content.

The excitement of watching a new Netflix show is sometimes not its unique plot, intriguing storylines or even its stellar cast, but rather the nervous excitement of not knowing whether your now new favourite show, will even make it to a new season.

To be sure, Netflix has in the past year cancelled and will not be renewing several popular titles, including Fate: The Winx Saga, 1899, The Crown, Firefly Lane and Manifest.

Where does Netflix announce renewals?

Even though Netflix releases such a large amount of content, it is also notorious for being one of the streaming services that is very tight-lipped when it comes to the cancellation and renewals for its shows, but also cancelling shows seemingly at will or even on a whim.

In fact, the fans and creators of one popular Netflix series called All of Us Are Dead had to wait for 129 days in order to find out whether the series would be renewed.

What makes it even worse is that Netflix also usually does not release any kind of ratings or viewership numbers like traditional cable channels do and this can make it extremely difficult to predict whether your favourite Netflix show will be renewed at all.

And when this renewal might happen, even with the help of third-party sites that keep track of all the Netflix renewals and cancellations.

At this stage, your best hope is to keep an eye on the Netflix “New Releases” in the hope that you will see the next season of your favourite show listed there.

This is also the official route that Netflix recommends on their Help Center webpage as the best way to keep up with new and upcoming titles on the platform

The best way to ensure that you receive all the latest news on what will be coming to Netflix soon, is to opt into the “Now on Netflix” emails by visiting the “Profile & Parental Controls” menu on your account, and then activating this option in the “Communication settings”  page.

You can also choose receive notifications or follow Netflix on social media for these same updates. Keeping an eye on the Netflix Newsroom is also a good idea.

How to receive notifications about Netflix’s new releases

There are a number of different kinds of notifications that you can opt into in order to receive the latest new from Netflix about the platform’s upcoming releases, including the releases of shows that have been renewed for another season.

You can eve set reminder for specific upcoming releases so that you do not miss an episode of a newly-renewed show.

To do this, you will simply need to opt in for push notifications on your phone or tablet’s settings menu. You can also personalise your in-app notifications on the Netflix application on most devices.

Following Netflix on social media for the latest news on renewals

While opting in for regular update emails or notifications can be convenient, constant updates can also become annoying after a while.

For this reason, it is often smart to follow Netflix on social media, so that you can get updates about which shows have been renewed or are being released soon while you are scrolling in your free time.

Netflix has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube account for this reason.

The Netflix Newsroom

The Netflix Newsroom has news about a variety of topics ranging from Netflix’s management, to changes at the streaming service and even news about the cancellation and renewals of some of the Netflix shows.

Searching for updates on the latest renewals on Netflix’s newsroom can be intimidating, as there is a lot of information to swift through.

But fortunately, you can search for specific topics, like the name of your favourite show, and you can even refine your search by choosing the kind of news that you are interested in, your geographical location and specific dates.

If you are looking for just a general idea about which Netflix shows have recently been renewed, you can simply scroll through the most recent articles or search for a general term like “renewed” instead.