Where is Holmes Family Rescue filmed?

Holmes Family Rescue is filmed in Canada, since this makes the entire filming and production process much easier for the Holmes family.

Holmes Family Rescue is a fairly unique home renovation show which focuses on fixing the work that other contractors did.

The show is filmed in the Greater Toronto Area, where Mike, Sherry and Michael reside and manage all of their other businesses and engagements.

About Holmes Family Rescue

Most home renovation shows focus on a single contractor or building team who take on a new or well lived-in space and turn it into exactly what the homeowner wanted. But Holmes Family Rescue usually starts somewhere in the middle of this process.

Holmes Family Rescue is a family-led renovation show. It follows Mike Holmes, his daughter, Sherry and his son, Michael (Mike Jr.), as they work to give families who have been wronged by incompetent contractors in the past new spaces which are not only beautiful to look at, but also safe and functional.

Where is Holmes Family Rescue filmed?

There are many things that make Holmes Family Rescue enjoyable to watch. But it is easy for some of the behind-the-scenes details to get lost with all of the backstory, educational content, inspections and building that take place within each episode.

If you have ever wondered whether Mike and his team would be able to take a look at a botched construction job near your own home, or you simply want some context whilst watching the show, you may have wondered where exactly Holmes Family Rescue is filmed.

Although it is rarely stated explicitly on the show, Holmes Family Rescue has remained close to Mike’s (and the rest of the Holmes family’s) roots and is filmed in Canada. Mike is an Ontario native and both Sherry and Michael still live close-by today.

Holmes Family Rescue (and most of Mike’s other shows) have managed to make the leap internationally and are now broadcast across many countries across the world.

However, the casting call for the second season of the show confirmed that the actual filming and production of the show is still limited to the Greater Toronto area.

The reason for this is likely just so that the Holmes family and their team can film for all of their different shows whilst staying close to home and to avoid traveling all over the world (or all over Canada, for that matter) between every episode.

The Greater Toronto area has always been the Holmeses’ home base

Mike Holmes has resided in or near the Ontario area for pretty much his entire life. He was born in Halton Hills, and he even started his own construction company in the area when he was 19.

Mike’s other business endeavors, besides Holmes Family Rescue, are also all based out of Canada.

This includes the Holmes Group and The Holmes Foundation, which are both near and dear to Mike’s heart, and all of the other shows which he is involved in.

Sherry and Michael also both still reside in the Greater Toronto area and are both regularly involved in events around Canada when they are not filming or spending time with their families.

Will Holmes Family Rescue ever expand beyond the Greater Toronto Area?

The second season of Holmes Family Rescue was filmed in the Greater Toronto area, just like the first. While the casting call for this second season is technically still open, it is likely that its filming has already wrapped.

At this point it seems unlikely that the third season of Holmes Family Rescue will stray from this pattern.

So prospective applicants will also likely only be able to apply to be on the show if they are a Greater Toronto Area resident, even if the show returns for a third season.

Where to watch Holmes Family Rescue season 2

The second season of Holmes Family Rescue has only just started airing, and you may even still be able to catch up on the first few episodes before the “Big Hearted Bungalow” episode airs on August 8, 2023.

If you are quick enough, you may just be able to catch the second half of the second season, as the episodes air on HGTV weekly. The Holmes Family Rescue episodes air on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

However, you can also stream the show on a range of streaming services.

This includes Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+, Max (which you may also know by its former name, HBO Max), Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV and DIRECTV Stream.

As always, this second season is packed with new challenges for the Holmes family as they come face-to-face with a variety of dangerous, abandoned construction projects.