Where to buy Cotton Fest clothing?

Cotton Fest clothing is sold seasonally, with the new release of merchandise set for the Easter long weekend during the Cotton Fest x Puma Select pop-up store.

One of the biggest South African concerts introduced in the 2010s was Cotton Fest. The first music, lifestyle, and fashion festival was held in 2019.

Cotton Fest set itself apart from other iconic local music festivals and concerts like Back To The City by allowing exposure for the endorsement and promotion of new talent and ‘outliers’ who were changing popular culture and hip-hop.

Besides the festival, the brand has its own merchandise which, through the years of the festival’s inception, has changed to match the popular trend of the day.

Moreover, the selection in the range has grown, and in 2022, Puma became a sponsor for the limited clothing range which will be released to coincide with the third annual hosting of the festival.

What is Cotton Fest?

Spearheaded by the late rapper, fashion icon, and producer, Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado, Cotton Fest was first introduced in 2019. The fest endeavoured to blend fashion, music, and contemporary urban culture, with hip-hop being the foundation.

The aim was to showcase the influence of hip-hop in contemporary dominating sounds. Hence, the first year of the festival was a two-day event consisting of 80 performers. Performances happened on two different stages over the duration of the two days.

The festival has since grown, and has been dubbed the University of Cotton Fest, with faculties, mascots, and a more inclusive merchandise line comprising everything from hoodies to sneakers.

Where to buy Cotton Fest clothing?

When Cotton Fest first started in 2019, they introduced merchandise in the form of short and long-sleeved shirts. The festival created an air of exclusivity for the merchandise, as the only way that you could get a t-shirt was by purchasing a ticket for the festival.

This was because at the time, the festival had not acquired a clothing brand partner or sponsor, therefore the work was independent.

2020’s Cotton Fest merchandise was arguably the most memorable, as it consisted of neons with an angry bird inspired theme.

This was also the most exclusive of the merchandise releases, as the merchandise was available only during the various pop-ups leading to the final two-day event.

In that same year, they also sold limited edition Cotton Fest x Y*Gen t-shirts. Drawing on the demand, the festival released a limited range independently, which quickly sold out.

Cotton Fest introduces Anniversary Pack

In 2021, when the country began to open up, Riky Rick introduced the latest edition of the Cotton Fest merchandise; the Anniversary Pack.

The pack was the beginning of the conceptualisation of Cotton Fest as a week-long event, now dubbed the University of Cotton Fest (UCF). The Anniversary Pack was basketball-inspired Cotton Fest merchandise, and was fronted by the late Riky Rick.

He described the range as, “Constructed with heavyweight polyester mesh and tackle twill embroidery as a salute to the golden era of the world’s most beautiful sport.” This, too, was a limited range sold independently, which also sold out in a matter of days.

Cotton Fest partners with Puma, South Africa

Seemingly as a result of the continued success of the independent sales of the merchandise, in 2021, Cotton Fest released their first limited Cotton Fest x Puma Select range. The range consisted of basketball training kit gear, along with the introduction of the UCF sneaker.

The limited range was available in Puma stores countrywide and online, as well as at Sportscene, both online and at physical stores.

Similarly to the previous merchandise range, the range has since sold out. The best that someone who wants to buy the range could do is to reach out to local resellers in the hopes that they have the Cotton Fest x Puma Select 2021 range available and in good condition.

Where to buy Cotton Fest 2022 clothing?

In light of the upcoming Cotton Fest 2022 under the growing umbrella of the UCF, Cotton Fest ambassadors have begun to tease the new updated Cotton Fest x Puma Select 2022 Range.

The range is a winter range, with the initial summer range having been released in 2021. Currently, the merchandise has not been released for purchase by Puma or Sportscene stores.

This is because if the established trend stands, the release of the merch to physical and online stores will only be after the festival has concluded.

But for those in Johannesburg, you can get the merchandise this Easter long-weekend at the Cotton Fest x Puma Select pop-up store in Braamfontein on Thursday, 14 April 2022. More details shared here.

Final thoughts

Cotton Fest has become a national movement. More especially as the festival is now set to be held in memoriam of the late founder and face of the festival, Riky Rick. The local music and urban culture pioneer passed away in February 2022.

The festival merchandise is still a must-have every year. This year is no different as the public awaits the official release date of the latest range which should be made available through Puma and Sportscene outlets after the festival, which is taking place from Saturday, 23 April 2022 till Sunday, 24 April 2022.