Which affiliate program pays the most?

Why finding an affiliate program that pays better than any other program is hard and exploring the highest paying SEO, email marketing and web hosting affiliate programs.

People join affiliate programs with the intention of making money for themselves for the promotion of different products and services.

To earn one needs to direct traffic to their affiliate link for people to click on and buy the promoted products and services and in return get paid commissions.

Depending on what you want to do with affiliate marketing, finding the perfect affiliate program is the first step, but if you are really looking to make significant returns, looking into affiliate programs that pay highly will be best.

You will need to find the highest paying affiliate program available.

Affiliate program that pays the most

In finding the program that will pay you the most, one needs to consider that the answer might not be definite as singling out one specific high paying affiliate program might be hard to do, given the amount of affiliate programs there are out there, finding the one that pays you the most will be very difficult.

This is because affiliate programs fall under different categories and niches, and for each of these categories of programs, there may be one that will pay the highest but for that niche and not the overall highest.

Which affiliate program pays the most?

In determining which affiliate program will pay you the most, you need to look into what you are going to be promoting. Whether you earn low or high, this will depend on the type of products or services you are promoting.

Earning the highest commissions will depend on how lucrative the products or services you are promoting are, as well as how lucrative an affiliate partner is.

This is also what makes it hard to determine which affiliate program could possibly be the absolute highest paying one, beating out every other affiliate program that exists.

Another thing to consider in finding the highest paying affiliate program, is that no matter how high an affiliate program can pay, if you have no clue on the products or the industry, you might not be as successful at promoting your affiliate links without understanding the niche itself.

Potentially highest paying SEO affiliate programs?

If SEO is up your alley as a niche, then exploring these SEO affiliate programs may get you paid high commissions.

BeRush is a good affiliate program for beginners to advanced affiliate marketers. You can earn 40 percent recurring commission per sale which is up to $120 per sale.

SpyFu is great for those who are into the IM niche where people are looking for competitor analysis tools. You can earn a 40 percent recurring commission, up to $120 per sale which is the same as BeRush making these both for high commission earnings.

High paying web hosting affiliate programs

Web hosting services are quite popular and promoting them can offer high commissions.

Kinsta is suited for medium to advanced level affiliate marketers, earnings will depend on the plan you are on, but you can earn from $50 to $500 for each referral with a 10 percent monthly recurring lifetime worth of commissions.

WPEngine is a high referral affiliate program. You can earn $200 for referrals or 100 percent of the first month’s payment, whichever amount that is the highest between the two is how much you will earn from the web hosting program.

High commission email marketing affiliate programs

GetResponse is one of the best paying email marketing services. It is suitable for beginners to advanced affiliate marketers, and you get a 33 percent recurring commission and up to $400 per sale if you are on the Enterprise plan.

Leadpages is best for medium to advanced affiliate marketers who are targeting audiences looking to build profitable websites, courses and membership sites. You get 30 percent recurring commissions and up to $60 per sale.

You also earn commission for referrals who join using your link to buy a Pro annual membership and whenever they renew.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for the highest paying affiliate program out of every other single affiliate program that exists, it is going to be hard for you to find that one absolutely lucrative program.

Different programs will be tailored to different niches, which will make high commissions differ.

Certain niches will pay some of the highest commissions, but it is wise for you to go with an affiliate program that is of a niche you know about or are interested in.

Choosing the highest program may not always be good, especially if you are unfamiliar with the products.