Which zodiac sign is the most hated?

Why the Gemini zodiac sign is regarded as one of the most hated for having traits that most people deem as unpleasant at times, giving them bad reputations.

The zodiac sign a person falls under will deeply influence the kind of energy they will have when it comes to certain aspects about them.

Their personality, attitude, behaviours and aura will all be dictated by the specific traits and characteristics of the zodiac sign that they fall under.

When it comes to certain zodiac signs, there are some traits that are regarded as not so great, while others are perceived as good. This is where you will find that some people will clash with others, because certain zodiac signs might clash when it comes to the energies.

Hated zodiac signs

As previously mentioned, some zodiac signs will have a few or too many traits that are not perceived as the best. These signs can be regarded as some of the most hated and controversial signs of the zodiac.

People who fall under these signs can also be immediately deemed as having these traits and may be disliked by other people falling under other zodiac signs that tend to clash with them. The top hated signs are Gemini’s, Virgo’s, Scorpio’s and Capricorns.

Which zodiac sign is the most hated?

When it comes to which zodiac sign is the most hated, the one that seems to pop up at the top of the list everywhere you look is a Gemini.

Scorpio’s are also always on the list of the most disliked and hated zodiac signs. The most hated zodiac signs have been ranked from one to three, with the Gemini being ranked as number one most hated zodiac sign, followed by a Virgo, and then a Scorpio.

All of these Zodiac signs project some traits about them that tend to not be as appealing to people.

It could be in relations to anything from personality traits, types of attitude the signs give off, the ways in which people under them can behave and the types of aura’s they have. Whatever the case may be, Gemini’s, Virgo’s and Scorpio’s are the most hated signs.

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Why Gemini is the number one most hated sign

Gemini’s tend to be the most hated zodiac sign because of their split personalities. This can be deemed as having a two-faced personality to some people.

Gemini’s will be perceived as being fake and have a bad reputation for not putting people at ease, because people never truly know what they are thinking about them and things in general.

As a result of the Gemini’s split personality, people perceive them as being nice and then suddenly shifting and being harsh or having an attitude. Gemini’s are also regarded as gossipers, making them untrustworthy.

Why Gemini is disliked for their listening skills

Since Gemini’s are known to be very talkative beings, people tend to have a huge issue with the fact that they can be very terrible listeners. They are described as being a sign that cannot listen to other people properly.

So, you might find that you are trying to communicate something to a Gemini, but they are barely listening to you because they might be talking over you.

This can create some misunderstandings and problems if the other person is made to feel unheard by the Gemini who will not stop talking.

Why Gemini is disliked for their humour and harshness

Gemini’s can be seen as one of the meanest zodiac signs. This is because they are considered to be very harsh at times, in the way that they will deal with different people at different times.

Their sense of humour is deemed as very harsh, leading people to believe that a Gemini fails to understand the difference between a joke and an insult.

People feel that because this is the case, you will need to always be careful of what you are saying in the presence of a Gemini.


Zodiac signs will have their good and bad traits. Some will have more bad than good, while others will have more good than bad.

When the bad will often outweigh the good, it can build up a bad reputation for people falling under that sign compared to other signs.

Of the most hated zodiac signs, the Gemini seems to be ranked at number one almost everywhere you look. Gemini’s certainly have a bad reputation for the zodiac sign that represents them. They have certain traits that do not seem to be traits people in other signs are fans of.