Who did Lainey Wilson play on Yellowstone?

Lainey Wilson made her acting debut on the popular premier episode of Yellowstone as Abby, who is also a singer.

Yellowstone, which follows the lives of the Dutton family on their ranch, has quickly become one of the most popular neo-western dramas on television.

The premier of the fifth season of the series did not disappoint, as many fans of the show and new viewers tuned in to see country star, Lainey Wilson, in her debut acting role as Abby on the show.

About Yellowstone

Yellowstone tells the story of the Yellowstone Ranch, which is run by the Dutton family.

The Dutton family needs to protect their ranch from outside forces in the neo-western drama, like developers, the national park, the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation, but also from internal conflicts between all of the Dutton family members.

The first season of Yellowstone first premiered on the Paramount Network on 20 June 2018 and since then, the series has become a surprising fan-favourite on the network and it has earned an 8.7 on IMDb and an audience score of 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Who did Lainey Wilson play on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is now in its fifth season, which premiered with a special double, two-hour episode on 13 November 2022. This premiere was an incredibly successful outing for the show, as it garnered 12.1 million viewers overall on this first day.

One of the reasons why so many people tuned in to watch this episode was to see which role the award-winning country artist, Lainey Wilson, who had been rumoured for some time to be joining the cast this season, would end up playing.

Lainey’s character on the show, called Abby, is also a singer and although she is not quite as famous as the character on the show as she is in real life, Lainey fit right into the cast and story from her first scene.

This role is Lainey’s acting debut, and she has been transparent about the new challenges that she had to face as an actress, as opposed to an experienced country star.

Even though it is still unclear whether Lainey’s character will eventually become a series regular or how many episodes she will make an appearance in, from her first few scenes it is evident that Lainey felt comfortable in the role and that her character can make an intriguing addition to the show with her music, and a possible connection with Ryan or even Beth in future episodes.

Who is Lainey Wilson outside of Yellowstone?

Outside of her recent acting role as Abby on one of the most-watched shows on television, Yellowstone, Lainey Wilson will be most well-known by viewers of the show for her country music career.

Lainey has had three studio albums, the most recent of which is called Bell Bottom Country, which was released on 28 October 2022, just before she made her first appearance on the show.

In fact, Lainey has been having a hugely successful year, as she was also named the CMA Awards (Country Music Association Awards) New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year days before the premiere of the fifth season of Yellowstone.

What happens in Lainey’s first few scenes in Yellowstone?

Lainey is introduced in her role as Abby near the end of the first episode of the fifth season of Yellowstone, titled “One Hundred Years is Nothing”, at the inaugural party which was thrown to swear John Dutton in as governor.

Abby casually flirts with Ryan from a distance, and this prompts Beth to strike up a conversation with her.

During this conversation, Abby announces that she will be performing later on in the party, and also that she is not interested in dating a cowboy.

When this conversation between Beth and Abby ends, Ryan finally walks over to make his move and eventually convinces Abby to dance with him.

What will happen to Abby in future episodes of Yellowstone?

The creators of Yellowstone and Lainey have not yet provided an estimation of how long viewers can expect to Abby as part of the cast. However, with the success of this first episode, many fans of the series are excited to see more of her character.

Since it is still so early in this season, this means that the possibilities for Abby’s character are endless.

Fans of the show hope to see her perform some of her hit songs in future episodes and are also excited to see whether the casual flirtation with Ryan in this episode can turn into something more, or whether Abby and Beth could end up forming an unlikely friendship along the way.