Who does Ted Lasso end up with?

It has not yet been confirmed who Ted Lasso will end up with when the show concludes, but it seems likely that it will be Rebecca.

Ted Lasso’s love life has been pretty stagnant since he got divorced from his wife early on in the series. However, although nothing has been confirmed yet, many fans of the show are holding out hope that he and Rebecca will end up together.

Who does Ted Lasso end up with?

Ted Lasso’s love life has been one of the more interesting sub-plots in Ted Lasso since the first season of the series. At the beginning of the show, Ted’s marriage was hanging by a thread and his personal life has not changed much since then.

While there will be no clarification on who exactly Ted will end up with until the series ends, there are hints that seem to indicate that Ted will end up with the AFC Richmond boss, Rebecca.

Though Rebecca has had her own slew of unsuccessful romances throughout the show, there is no denying that she and Ted have an unshakeable bond and fans have been quick to point out that the series has seemingly been dropping hints that Ted will be, as the psychic calls it, her “shite in nining armor.”

However, it is also possible that Ted will end up with Sassy or be single by the end of the show.

What hinted at Ted and Rebecca possibly ending up together?

There have been a few instances in the first two seasons of Ted Lasso that indicate that Ted and Rebecca’s relationship could turn out to be more than friendship in the end.

This includes the instances where Ted saves her from being embarrassed by Rupert during a darts game, when he comforts her at her gala, or the instance where Rebecca saves Ted from celebrating Christmas alone.

What about the other romances on the show?

Only a few new Ted Lasso episodes have been released for the third season so far, but at this point, it seems like none of the fan-favourite romances in the series will make it to the end.

This follows after Rebecca and Sam’s breakup in the second season, and the more recent breakup between Keeley and Roy.

Will the third season be Ted Lasso’s last?

Apple TV+ has not yet announced any official plans to renew Ted Lasso for a new season after the third, but it has also not officially cancelled the show.

However, Jason Sudeikis, who stars in the series, recently confirmed that season three is “the end of this story that we wanted to tell”, which indicates that fans might find out who Ted ends up with sooner rather than later.