Who is Lexi Rivera dating in 2020?

In 2020, Lexi Rivera is believed to be dating fellow TikTok sensation, Ben Azelart, as the two have recently been sharing more posts of their time together.

Lexi Rivera is believed to be in a relationship with social media sensation, Ben Azelart.

The two teenagers live together in one of the TikTok residences for content creators, which seeks to encourage them to collaborate and create content together.

In recent months, the two have been sharing a lot of posts together, especially on Ben’s Instagram page.

In the comments section of the posts, many of their followers continue to remark on how adorable a couple they are. Additionally, the two have been dubbed “Bexi” by their fans.

One post that seemed to confirm their relationship was shared on Valentine’s Day this year. Ben took to Instagram and documented how he decorated and planned a surprise celebration for Lexi.

Lexi was spoilt on the day, with candles, roses, scattered rose petals, and a teddy bear from Ben.