Who is replacing Jimmy Perez in Shetland?

Series-regular Tosh, newcomer DI Fraser Brooks and Martin Compston would possibly be replacing fan-favourite Jimmy Perez in Shetland.

Shetland is known for having some of the most intriguing plots of any crime-drama series, and season seven has been the most dramatic of them all.

However, what shocked fans most is that the main character of the show, Jimmy Perez, will not be returning for the show’s eighth season. Possible replacements for this role include Tosh, DI Fraser Brooks, and even Martin Compston.

What has happened in Shetland so far?

Shetland has garnered many fans since 2013, because of the show’s intricate plotlines and lovable characters. Over the past nine years, Shetland has faced many twists and turns and the newest, seventh season is no exception.

Season seven was one of the most intense and drama-filled seasons that the show has had, to date, and fans were kept on the edge of their seats with every new twist in the narrative when it came to the solving of Connor Cairns’ disappearance.

Who is replacing Jimmy Perez in Shetland?

At the centre of all of these crucial plotlines is Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez. Perez is often referred to as the “sheriff” of the Shetland Islands and he has been carrying the main character badge for the past seven seasons of the show.

However, the resolution of Connor Cairns’ disappearance at the end of this seventh season was not the only thing that Shetland fans were talking about. It was also announced that the actor who plays Jimmy Perez, Douglas Henshall, would be leaving the show.

This means that although Shetland has been renewed for an eighth season, the show will have to rebuild and redefine itself with a new lead.

The last episode of the seventh season ensured that Jimmy Perez went out in a surprising and dramatic way, befitting of the show and of the beloved character.

In this finale, Jimmy makes the decision to let Lloyd Anderson, a suspect in the Connor Cairns’ disappearance case, and a man who is wanted for murder in the US, go, because he believed that Lloyd was innocent.

As a result of this decision, it will be impossible for Jimmy to continue working in the police station.

Although this conclusion was well-planned and intricate, it did leave fans wondering about who Jimmy Perez’s replacement will be in the season(s) to come.

Some of the most popular guesses include Tosh (DS Alison McIntosh), who has worked alongside Perez since the first season and who is seen bidding him farewell in his last episode.

Another character who immediately stood out as a possible replacement is newcomer, DI Fraser Brooks. There are also fans who insist that Jimmy’s replacement will be a familiar face, but new character to the show, like Martin Compston.

Why fans think Tosh will replace Jimmy Perez in Shetland

Tosh, who is portrayed by Alison O’Donnell, seems like the most obvious replacement for Jimmy Perez in Shetland.

Not only has Tosh proved herself time and time again while working with Jimmy since the first season of Shetland, but Tosh can also be seen bidding Perez an emotional farewell in the final episode of the seventh season.

During this farewell, Jimmy says to Tosh, “Tosh, you’re ready, trust me” and many fans have interpreted this as a hint that the show is planning a storyline where Tosh can finally step up and show what she has learned over the years from Jimmy as her mentor in this role.

Why fans think DI Fraser Brooks will replace Jimmy Perez in Shetland

DI Fraser Brooks, who is played by Brian Ferguson, made his first appearance in Shetland in season seven’s fourth episode.

In this episode, Jimmy called Fraser for assistance with a bombing case and this immediately led fans to speculate that this could be the perfect way to introduce Jimmy’s replacement.

A few Tweets from avid watchers of the show indicated that they believed that the show was trying to introduce a replacement for Perez that would be regarded as a trusted cohort, even though he is a new character to the show.

Why fans think Martin Compston will replace Jimmy Perez in Shetland

Martin Compston is often considered the fan-favourite when it comes to possible replacements for Jimmy.

Although Martin has not yet had a character role on the show, he would be a good fit as he already has some experience in the crime-drama genre from his roles in shows like Line of Duty, which proves that he is able to carry such a pivotal role, even as a newcomer to the Shetland series.