Who is the strongest Marvel character?

Hercules is considered to be the strongest Marvel character, as he overpowers the Hulk and Thor, however, he should not be confused as the most powerful Marvel character. 


The Marvel universe has over 8 000 staple characters. This does not take into account ancillary, one-offs, and multiverse versions of staple characters that are a part of the universe. If it did, then the Marvel universe would have exponentially more characters accounted for.

Depending on the use of the utility of powers, different characters rank differently in terms of either strength, speed, durability and ability. Moreover, these factors are then considered holistically in order to provide a more comprehensive list of the most powerful characters within the universe.

Context of ranking

Ahead of sharing the strongest Marvel character, it is important to contextualise him. This is as the character is neither a monster, an Eternal, a Celestial or a cosmic being. Instead, he is chosen from the more well-known and prominent Marvel characters. Their ranking as the strongest Marvel character is based on their utility of abilities compared to their counterparts.

Moreover, it is also based on their track record and the understanding that they would win a battle if they were pitted against their closest ranked counterparts.

Who is the strongest Marvel character?

Hercules is considered the most physically strong character within the Marvel universe. Why? Firstly, he is the son of an Olympian god, Zeus. He has the ability to resist cosmic attacks and survive a vacuum, and legend has it that he replaced Atlas by holding the sky on his shoulders.

Moreover, with his superhuman strength, the stories say that he was able to move the island of Manhattan, which weighed 99 000 000 000 tons, single-handedly. A feat his closely ranked Marvel characters could not achieve.

Though Hercules’ strength has been closely compared to that of his father, Zeus, it is understood that he is stronger than his father. This is as Zeus has been to battle with the likes of the Hulk and Thor and beaten them during battle.

Moreover, outside of his super strength, Zeus is also able to summon and throw lightning bolts, has super speed and the power of flight.

Who did Hercules beat out to be considered Marvel’s strongest character?

While Hercules is considered the strongest of all the Marvel characters, specifically the non-cosmic characters, there are closely ranked physical characters that nudge close to the top spot.

The closest of which being The Norse god of thunder, Thor, who has abilities including superhuman strength, the ability to control the weather and speed of light flight. In summation, Thor could take on Hercules and win.

However, it is during hand-to-hand combat which would probably see Hercules have the upper hand. Thor beats out other Marvel characters including the Hulk and Apocalypse for the second spot.

Who is the most powerful Marvel character?

Considering that this list excludes cosmic beings, especially those that are popular characters outside of the comics, the most powerful Marvel character is considered to be Owen Reece, now popularly known as Molecule Man.

As his name suggests, he can manipulate objects and beings at a molecular level, which means that he could end the world, or the universe if he wanted to.

While he might have the most powerful abilities as a non-cosmic being, his mental health issues are the reason that he has not fully tapped into the extent of his powers.

Who is the overall most powerful Marvel character?

While the aforementioned characters stem from non-cosmic beings and characters that are universally popular, even for those that did read the comics, there is a Marvel character that is considered the most powerful of all, One-Above-All. First appearing in Doctor Stranger #13, the character is considered as a manifestation of the Marvel creators.

Therefore, the mysterious character takes the form of prolific comic artist, writer and creator, Jack Kirby and is considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.


Marvel has created a world so vast and fantastical that a deep dive into the characters that exist within the universe takes dedicated fans to know. Moreover, going further to rank the characters based on strength, ability and powers would also take another number of dedicated years.

Hercules is considered the strongest character within the Marvel universe. He beats out other popular characters such as Thor, Apocalypse and the Hulk. While Hercules might be the strongest character, there are other more powerful characters within the universe.