Who narrates Sewer Divers?

The main narrator in the first episode of Sewer Divers is “Dirty Water Don,” who is one of the sewer divers from New Jersey.

Sewer Divers is just one of the Dirty Job type of shows that audiences watch to better understand the lives of the people who do these jobs.

“Dirty Water Don” is the main narrator of the first episode of Sewer Divers. He attempts to explain to the audience how and why these divers do what they do.

Why do people watch shows like Sewer Divers?

Sewer Divers is not Discovery Channel’s first go at producing a reality television show that explores the lives of people with less-than-glamorous and dangerous working conditions.

Similar shows like Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and Deadliest Catch are already fan-favourites on the channel.

However, what sets these shows apart from other seemingly mindless and fake reality shows on television is the focus on real people who work hard to do jobs that are extremely necessary, but which may not be the jobs that everyone aspires to or wants to do.

In this way, instead of feeling mind-numbing, the show actually educates its audience.

Who narrates Sewer Divers?

As opposed to Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, Sewer Divers, which airs on Discovery Channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, explores the old and outdated sewer system in the United States.

The show takes a look at the brave divers who tread into these systems on a daily basis.

The very first episode of the show recently aired on 1 January 2023 and there was a lot of new information for viewers of the show that tuned in to watch to take in, including the new faces of the sewer divers featured in the first episode.

One of the aspects of this first episode which captured the audience’s attention almost immediately, even among all of the other somewhat irregular things going on, was the natural charisma of the episode’s front man, Don Gann.

Don is affectionately known on the show, in the industry, and on social media as “Dirty Water Don”.

Though the episode also features appearances from The Emergency Sewer Division of Mount Vernon and the Northeast Ohio Sewer District team, Don can be considered the main star and narrator of this episode.

Not only does Don make an impression by sporting a $3,000 rubber suit with a 30-pound helmet when he is shown crawling through the sewers of New Jersey in the first episode, but one of his signature, witty lines as he crawls out of a particularly dirty expedition – “That’s Not Mud”, became the episode’s title.

What is Sewer Divers all about?

At first glance, the name “Sewer Divers” may not entice very many viewers to watch the show. However, from what was shown in this first episode, it is evident that the show is about much more than just the grime and dirt in the sewer system.

All of the sewer divers on the show, including Don, have some of the most high-risk hazmat jobs in the world. They risk infection and contamination on a daily basis in order to repair and unclog sewers all across the country.

What does “Dirty Water Don” want to get out of the show?

Given that the sewer diving occupation is such a dangerous one, some people have wondered why these divers would complicate their lives even further by also being surrounded by cameras and the filming crew of the show while having to clear debris and repair cracks in the sewers.

However, Don has explained that he hopes that the show will give viewers a newfound respect for his job and warn them about the dangers of flushing hazardous materials like baby wipes.

Don has also amassed quite a following on social media platforms like TikTok, which will likely increase as the show becomes more popular.

Is Sewer Divers worth the watch?

By 8 January 2023, Sewer Divers had already reached number 27 in the 18-49 year age category on cable television in the first week of its release.

However, even though the show’s premiere was so successful, you may still be wondering whether it is actually worth your time.

Realistically, Sewer Divers may be too much for squeamish viewers, but for those who can stomach a few unsavoury scenes, the show can be a new source of information about a world that very few people know about and understand.

The show not only focuses on the job at hand, but it also includes first-hand accounts from the divers explaining why they endure such unpleasant conditions and do what they do, and this can be quite enlightening.