Who pays for repairs on Holmes Family Rescue?

The homeowner usually only have to cover up to 20 percent of the repairs on Holmes Family Rescue, and Mike Holmes pays for the rest.

The Holmes Family Rescue program sets out to help families who are struggling to complete the repairs on their homes.

Since many of the homeowners on the show have already paid contractors to start these repairs, Mike Holmes pays for the majority of the renovations on the show. The homeowners only have to cover a small amount.

The Holmes Family Rescue mission

Any homeowner will know that purchasing your dream home is only half of the battle and that the upkeep of this home often feels like it will never end.

However, there is a big difference between a few broken light bulbs and squeaky doors, and necessary repairs that can leave your family in danger if they are not addressed.

This is where the Holmes Family Rescue team comes in. Mike Holmes, as well as his daughter Sherry Holmes and his son Mike Holmes Jr., use this show as a means to help families whose homes have fallen into disrepair to navigate the confusing and overwhelming task of renovating and upgrading their homes.

Who pays for repairs on Holmes Family Rescue?

There is no doubt that people love to watch the various hosts of the home renovation shows on channels like HGTV completely transform the houses of the families that sign on to feature in the shows.

Unfortunately, however, most of the families that appear on Holmes Family Rescue have been duped by the shoddy workmanship of their past contractors.

In fact, the first few minutes of just about every Holmes Family Rescue episode is usually spent with Mike and the disgruntled homeowner(s) going through every issue that there is in the home.

These scenes also usually feature Mike uttering what can now be considered the show’s catchphrase, “that’s not up to code,” multiple times.

It can often be quite sad to watch the homeowners on Holmes Family Rescue recount their tales of how they got a contractor in to do the work and even shelled out thousands of dollars for the repairs, only for the home to be left in a worse state than when they started.

What is then even worse, is that these families now need to spend even more money to fix these mistakes.

Fortunately, Holmes Family Rescue does not make a habit of piling on to the expenses that these families have already had to pay.

They usually only require the homeowners to pay for about 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of the repairs on the show. The rest of the money comes straight out of Mike Holmes’s own pocket.

Who pays for the renovations on other home renovation shows?

Most home renovation shows have their own policies on how the payment for the renovations take place and these policies also often change from one episode to the next.

Some networks will offer to pay for a portion of each new renovation project and make use of various sponsorships to cover the costs of the materials used in the renovation.

Other shows may require homeowners to come up with a minimum sum of money in order to cover the costs of the renovations on the show.

How does Mike manage to pay for all of these renovations by himself?

Mike Holmes has never officially disclosed how he manages to get enough money to pay for the majority of the renovation projects on Holmes Family Rescue, but Mike Holmes Jr. has disclosed how they manage to keep costs relatively low on the show.

Mike Holmes Jr. explained that the trades, suppliers, product partners, and even the networks who are featured on the show regularly donate materials and their own time and expertise to help to ensure that their projects are as high quality but affordable, as possible.

About The Holmes Foundation

The renovations that Mike Holmes and his family do on the Holmes Family Rescue show are not the only way that they are trying to combat the low-quality work and materials that some contractors use.

They also founded The Holmes Foundation, which awards bursaries and scholarships to college and university students to help them complete their academic training.

This way, they ensure that a whole new generation of highly-skilled trades are entering the job market and hopefully, delivering high quality repairs and renovations as they advance in the industry.

So far, The Holmes Foundation and the Make It Right Charity have awarded 150 bursaries, worth over $225,000, to promising students as the first step in their skilled trades and technology careers.