Who pays the restorers on Salvage Hunters?

Though unconfirmed, it is believed that the show’s production team, Curve Media, pays the restorers on Salvage Hunters.

Salvage Hunters is the popular Discovery Channel reality-format antique and artefact restoration show which first premiered in 2011.

The show is fronted by modern-day treasure hunter and leading antique expert and seller, Drew Pritchard. Salvage Hunters has given rise to a number of restoration experts since its premiere in 2011.

Given the success and commercial value of being on a show like Salvage Hunters, it is always questioned whether the experts get paid and who pays them.

Both matters have not been publicly discussed outside of how much Pritchard is estimated to make. He is believed to earn this salary from the production company of the show, Curve Media.

Do restorers on Salvage Hunters get paid?

It is standard practice for guest appearances and experts who appear on reality format shows to be compensated for their appearance. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the restorers on Salvage Hunters do get paid for being on the show.

However, it is understood that joining a successful show like Salvage Hunters is about more than just the money, as the fame garnered from an appearance can result in more business for the experts.

In fact, some do not even take bookings anymore, instead, they just work with their established and loyal clientele.

Who pays the restorers on Salvage Hunters?

Similarly to whether the restorers who appear on Salvage Hunters are paid or not, who pays them is also a mystery. Therefore, it is important to contextualise first that this is all unconfirmed.

However, it is informed by the standard practice when it comes to casting for reality shows or any production, for that matter.

A show is commissioned by a studio or channel, and the Discovery Channel and Quest TV are behind the commissioning of Salvage Hunters.

However, the production company is responsible for using the money that they received from the channel and any other additional sponsors and creating a budget for the show.

Included in this budget is an allocated cost for the payment of the salaries of the restorers on the show. As such, it may be safe to assume that restorers on Salvage Hunters are paid by Curve Media, which is the show’s production company.

However, since the matter remains one that is blanketed under mystery, it is still up for discussion. This is as only Drew Pritchard’s salary is known, and even so, it is still an estimation.

How much does Drew Pritchard make on Salvage Hunters?

Drew Pritchard is the front man and most well-recognised face from Salvage Hunters and from the rest of the spin-offs that have been created since the success of the original.

Therefore, he is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million, he has earned from his role on Salvage Hunters and the antique and artefacts businesses that he has in the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno.

But it is reported that Pritchard is said to make an estimated $120 000 from Salvage Hunters per episode which he appears on. This makes for a sizable amount considering that the last season had 20 episodes released.

How much does John T make on Salvage Hunters?

John T is Drew Pritchard’s best friend and trusted driver and they travel all-round the UK in search of antiques and artefacts to restore and resell.

He has become a beloved addition on the show, as fans have watched him come into the show and after a temporary exit, return as a leaner version of himself. Now he is a grizzlier version of himself, but he still manages to keep us entertained.

The personality is estimated to have a net worth of $250 000 earned from his appearance on Salvage Hunters and the undisclosed businesses that he also has on the side.

How much does Ralph Ineson make from Salvage Hunters?

If you have ever watched Salvage Hunters and you wondered who the voice-of-god is that narrates the show – it is English actor and voice-over-artist Ralph Ineson.

Ineson has been the narrator of the show since its inception in 2011 and he continues to voice the show’s other spin-offs, along with Salvage Hunters.

Ineson has an estimated net worth of $4 million, which is not just from his narration job. But Ineson has an extensive acting resume, having been on shows like The Witch, Tangled: The Series, and The Accidental Medium.