Why 60 Days In is neither cancelled nor renewed

When the seventh season of 60 Days In did not come out as expected, many believed it was cancelled, however, A&E has neither confirmed nor denied its return.

Coming in as one of the consistent shows, in terms of its viewership numbers, is popular reality show, 60 Days In. The reality show has six seasons so far under its belt, having debuted in 2015. The show features members of the public volunteering to be undercover inmates for 60 days, while undercover, cameras showcase their experience of living as inmates.

The first three seasons of the show premiered on television at different dates and times. However, the fourth season premiere marked what would be a set expected time frame for the release of the season. Seasons four to six released the first episode of the new seasons in January 2018, 2019 and the last being in January 2020. Therefore, when January 2021 came and passed, viewers and fans of the show questioned whether it was cancelled.

A&E, the media house behind the show, has not yet come out with official word on whether the show has been cancelled or if it has been renewed but has delayed the production of the seventh season. The reason for this is speculated as a result of the pandemic. General consensus is that the show will not be cancelled due to its popularity, as it has brought consistent viewership numbers. Therefore, considering the continued success of the show, it is unlikely that it would be cancelled.

However, due to the pandemic, it is believed that it needed to halt production as it figured out the logistics of shooting under the new normal. Therefore, matters like finding prisons that have vaccinated and attempting to navigate placing people in these penitentiaries is suggested as the reason for the delay. Moreover, finding people to risk their health or place themselves as the first participants after the height of the pandemic is also a possible reason.