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Why Bakers Tennis Biscuits are South Africa’s most versatile tea-time snack

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Bakers Tennis Biscuits are often consumed by South Africans on their own or as part of a dessert, making the range one of the most versatile biscuits available.

South Africans are known to enjoy tea-time with a sweet treat or a biscuit to dip in. Bakers Biscuits has garnered much success for its range of biscuits, with Tennis Biscuits being one of the most popular choices. The biscuit has become known as a traditional South African tea-time treat, as it is loved by people of all ages and demographics.

With a coconut and vanilla taste, a Tennis Biscuit can simply be dipped into hot tea and enjoyed on its own with all the flavours it has to offer. However, it has also become a standard ingredient for many homemade desserts, often being chosen as the go-to biscuit base. Some have even created cakes based solely on the biscuit, such as the Tennis Biscuit Fridge Cake which tastes similar to a cheesecake. Bakers Biscuits has also started sharing its own dessert recipes in response to the biscuit range’s popularity.

See the various Tennis Biscuits recipes on the Bakers Biscuits website.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]