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Why Charlie Watts dropped out of the US tour

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The Rolling Stones announced on their various social media platforms that their drummer, Charlie Watts, will no longer be part of their upcoming tour, after undergoing a medical procedure.

The Rolling Stones recently announced that their drummer, Charlie Watts, will no longer be part of their upcoming No Filter tour of United States (US) stadiums, after undergoing an unspecified medical procedure. Steve Jordan, longtime Stones associate and member of Keith Richards’ project X-Pensive Winos, will be taking his place.

The band took to Instagram on Thursday, 5 August 2021, to announce the news. A spokesperson for Watts stated, “Charlie has had a procedure which was completely successful, but his doctors concluded this week that he now needs proper rest and recuperation. With rehearsals starting in a couple of weeks it is very disappointing to say the least, but it also fair to say that no one saw this coming.”

Watts mentioned in the statement that he did not want his recovery to further delay the tour, which is set to take place in several US cities, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas and Atlanta. The drummer stated, “For once, my timing has been a little off. I am working hard to get fully fit, but I have today accepted on the advice of the experts that this will take a while.”

He continued, “After all the fans’ suffering caused by Covid, I really do not want the many Rolling Stones fans who have been holding tickets for this tour to be disappointed by another postponement or cancelation. I have therefore asked my great friend Steve Jordan to stand in for me.”

In the same statement, Jordan admitted that it would be an “absolute honor and privilege” to be Watts’ understudy. He added, “No one will be happier than me to give up my seat on the drum riser as soon as Charlie tells me he is good to go.”

Watts was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004, but he survived after undergoing two operations and treatment.


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