Why did Alex G change his name?

In 2017, Alex G changed his name to (Sandy) Alex G due to legal issues, but he has since reverted back to his original stage name.


Celebrities, especially artists and actors changing their names is not anything new. Some do it as a form of reinventing themselves, like Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg, for example.

However, some artists change their initial stage names due to a legal or ethical conflict, like with singer-songwriter Alex G.

When did Alex G initially change his name?

In 2017, while promoting his then new album release, Rocket, the Philadelphia indie-rock cult hero, Alex G announced that he was changing his name to (Sandy) Alex G. The announcement was tied in with the release of the lead single off of the album at the time, titled Proud, along with the announcement of a national tour.

Why did Alex G change his stage name?

At the time, his fans were confused as to why he had changed his name. However, upon researching the name, it was shared that Alex G was also the name of a Colorado-based pop artist. Hence, it is believed that the indie-rock musician changed his name due to legal issues surrounding the use of the name.

When did Alex G revert back to his original name?

Alex G returned to this original stage name in 2020. The first announcement of the reversion was during the announcement of the Riot Fest 2020. What was initially believed to be a typo by the festival organisers, turned out to be an unofficial announcement. This is as Alex G’s team later confirmed the reversion. Moreover, the return was also confirmed by the digital streaming platforms reverting back to Alex G, as the (Sandy) was by dropped during this time.


There are a number of reasons why an artist would decide to change their name once their fans have already gotten used to one.

In terms of indie-rock artist, Alex G changing his name to (Sandy) Alex G in 2017, the reasons have been attributed to legal issues.