Why did Anders leave Dynasty?

Alan Dale, who played Joseph Anders on The CW’s Dynasty, reportedly wanted to leave long before his character was killed off the show during the fourth season.

The CW’s Dynasty reboot has seen a lot of characters come and go as the actors look for new acting ventures outside the show.

One actor is seasoned thespian, Alan Dale, who played the character of Joseph Anderson for four seasons of the series.

Is Alan Dale the first main cast member to leave Dynasty?

Despite the show only having five seasons under its belt since the reboot, numerous main cast members have left the show.

Whether it was Nathalie Kelley, who played Cristal Flores Carrington, born Celia Machado, or Nicollette Sheridan, who played Alexis Carrington, there have been a number of exits.

Why did Anders leave Dynasty?

It is believed that Alan Dale, who played Joseph Anders on The CW’s Dynasty had been looking to leave the show way ahead of his subsequent exit in season four.

While founded on speculation, Dale was reportedly looking to leave the show in order to take some time off and focus on other acting and entertainment pursuits outside of the beloved character.

This is a speculation that has since been confirmed, as the actor continued to work on shows including Tangled: The Series as the voice of the Vicar.

How did Joseph Anders die?

Dynasty’s Joseph Anders was killed off after he bumped into a streetlamp with his car. A tragic but anticlimactic death considering that Anders had previously escaped death.

While he was killed off as a physical character in the story, fans were comforted by the fact that Anders still appears on the show as the series borrows an age-old trope of soapies of incorporating flashbacks and ghosts to bring back actors.


The CW’s Dynasty has been plagued by a number of beloved characters leaving or needing to be recast as the actors leave.

The same can be said about Alan Dale, who played Joseph Anders. Dale reportedly wanted to leave way before his final exit during season four of Dynasty’s reboot.