Why did Andrew G become Osher?

Andrew G’s name change to Osher was inspired by a life-changing experience he had with a shaman in Tel Aviv, who taught him about the significance of names.


The phenomenon of celebrities changing their names to reflect their cultural or spiritual growth is nothing new, for instance Thandie Newton recently reverted back to Thandiwe Newton in 2021.

This can also be seen through Andrew Gunsberg’s or Andrew G’s name change in 2016, who now goes by Osher Gunsberg.

When did Osher Gunsberg confirm his name change?

Osher Gunsberg confirmed his name change via Twitter back in 2016. At the time, he was the host of The Bachelor, (Australia) and was spotting a new look. This as at the time, when he still went by Andrew G, he spotted blonde, full hair cut in a Justin Bieber style. However, as Osher Gusnberg he returned as a darked-haired, toned man in a dapper suit and rose in hand.

Why did Osher Gunsberg change his name?

After confirming his name change, Gunsberg went on to explain that he changed his name due his spiritual journey and the transformation it brought on. The decision was taken in 2009, following Gunsberg meeting a shaman in Tel Aviv who had explained to him the power of names and how that affects the lives we lead. The shaman sparked a change in Gunsberg, leading him to change his name.

How did Gunsberg explain deciding on the name Osher?

After confirming his name change via social media, he returned to Tumblr to explain how he settled on the name Osher by writing, “I chose the name of the coolest man I’ve ever met. He was a Calvin-Klein ad looking ex-commando cameraman I’d worked with in Israel, a guy so cool that he made Brando look like a hobo.”


Name changing has become a fad, as more people come into fully realising themselves and the importance of their names.

Similar to how Osher Gunsberg changed his name following discovering the power a name has and the properties each name holds.