Why did Anna Faris leave Mom?

The actress and comedian, Anna Faris, has made viewers laugh for seven years on Mom, but she has reportedly stated that she sees a future beyond the series.

“Blonde bombshells” will always have a place on TV screens, and Anna Faris is one of those atypical blondes of Hollywood.

The actress and producer made an unforgettable mark when she played Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film franchise.

The films have successfully spoofed horror films by adding a comedic aspect to the horror film genre. Anna has gone on to assume unforgettable roles in movies such as My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Dictator.

Her most recent work was on the CBS sitcom series, Mom, where she played Christy, a now sober mother who has found herself in singledom.

The actress obtained the role as the protagonist in 2013 when the series first premiered. It definitely came as a surprise when she announced that she would be leaving the sitcom after seven years of making viewers laugh.

She made the decision to leave the show ahead of season eight, which is currently airing.

Anna reportedly said that she wants to pursue other opportunities that will take her career beyond what the show has done for her.

“The past seven years on Mom have been some of the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career. I’m so thankful to Chuck, the writers, and my amazing castmates for creating a truly wonderful work experience. While my journey as Christy has come to an end, allowing me to pursue new opportunities, I’ll be watching next season and rooting for my TV family,” she said in a statement.

The first episode of season eight addressed how her character as Christy will be written off from the show.

The episode opened with Christy’s mother, Bonnie, who is played by Allison Janney, sitting on the couch with her husband, Adam, and telling him how she’s so proud of her 42-year-old daughter going to law school on a full scholarship.