Why did Ben die in Ozark?

Ozark’s Ben Davis was killed off-screen, after he was branded as a liability to his family and the Navarro cartel, after he stopped taking his bipolar medication.

One of the most popular Netflix series is the thriller-crime drama, Ozark. Since its premiere in 2017, fans have been hooked to the series created by Bill Dubuque, as he has filled it with unexpected plot twists and segues to unexpected trajectories than previously set up.

One of the most surprising plot twists took place during the end of the third season, when Wendy gave the go ahead to have her brother Ben Davis, played by Tom Pelphrey, executed.

This was a result of Ben becoming a liability to the family and the Navarro cartel, after he exposed Helen Pierce to her daughter for being Navarro’s lawyer.

What is Ozark about?

Ozark premiered on Netflix in 2017, and according to IMDb, it is about, “A financial advisor drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.”

Featuring a lead cast consisting of married couple, Martin “Marty” Byrde and Wendy Byrde, played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. We have followed the couple and their children, as they work towards freeing themselves from working for the Navarro family.

In 2022, the show aired part one of the seven-episode season four, which is set to be the series finale when the second part is made available on Netflix.

Why did Ben die in Ozark?

Ben Davis was introduced during season three, and he soon became a fan-favourite character after he worked with Jonah Byrde to bring down the Lagunas cartel, saving his family and the Navarro cartel.

Moreover, his relationship with his sister and loyalty to his family was commendable. Hence, it was difficult to watch him struggle with his failed attempt to court Ruth Langmore, which resulted in him spiralling.

Thereafter, Ben decided to stop taking his bipolar medication, which began his spiral of bad decisions. However, when he tells Erin Pierce that her mother, Helen, is the Navarro cartel’s lawyer, Ben is seen as a liability.

However, it is sister, Wendy, who makes the final decision to send out the Navarro enforcer Nelson, played by Nelson Bonilla, to kill Ben as he could have implicated everyone else involved in the business.

Where to watch online Ozark?

Why did Ben have to die?

Ben’s death is confirmed at the beginning of the fourth season of Ozark. However, viewers have questioned whether it actually took place, considering that he died off-screen in what is assumed to be in the season three finale.

Nonetheless, Ben’s death is seemingly a storytelling device, as the beginning of the fourth season focussed on the impact of his passing on the main characters. Moreover, his alleged offscreen death has sparked suggestions that he might return sometime in the series finale.

Will Tom Pelphrey return to Ozark?

Despite only appearing in season three, Ben has already become a fan-favourite. Therefore, after his off-screen death was confirmed at the beginning of season four, fans are wondering if Ben will ever make a surprise appearance.

This seems unlikely, as Tom Pelphrey has indicated that the last scene he shot with Laura Linney in the car was some of his best memories from the series.

Moreover, the show is set to conclude with the second half of season four, which the storyline thereof has been set by Agent Mayas’ arrest of Omar Navarro.

When is Ozark set to return?

Part one of season four was made available on Netflix in January 2022. The first part ended with a cliffhanger, as Agent Miller arrested Omar Navarro. A decision she made which has long-reaching implications for the Byrde family, the Navarro cartel and Agent Miller herself.

However, it is still unclear how the entire series will play out. This is as Netflix has yet to announce when the series finale, part two of season four will air. However, it is projected that Netflix will share the series finale during the second half of the year.


The Ozark series finale has been divided into two parts, consisting of seven episodes each. The decision was taken by the producers of the show, who wanted to provide a succinct story that concludes the series properly and did not consist of a 10-episode season four and five.

While the first part of the series finale ended with a cliffhanger, as we prepare for the second part of the series finale, it started with the confirmation that fan-favourite Ben Davis was killed offscreen.