Why did Bongi Gwala leave SAfm?

Bongi Gwala announced his resignation from SAfm in October 2020, however, he did not stipulate the reason for his sudden departure and he continues to support the radio station.

Bongi Gwala is a well-known radio personality who gained recognition for his radio show, The Talking Point, which aired weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00 on SAfm. In October 2020, Bongi shocked listeners with the announcement of his departure from the radio station, with his co-workers set to take over the reins.

Taking to Twitter, he stated, “This is where I say my goodbye. This is my last show on SAfm. Thank you very much for all the love that we have shared on the radio. I enjoyed every moment of it. Goodbye and thank you to you our listener and to the team.” After his show, he shared another tweet which stated, “Thank you everybody for all the love. I was amazed at how high and deep we have grown as family. SAfm gave us a platform to cherish each other. Thank you very much. I may not respond to each and every one of you. Please know I appreciate.”

Bongi’s sudden departure led to some listeners claiming that he had been fired, however, his social media pages indicate that he is still on good terms with the radio station. Bongi consistently promotes their shows and new on-air personalities on his personal pages.

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