Why did Brett leave The Real Love Boat?

Brett DeLaura is believed to have left The Real Love Boat on account of an undisclosed illness, which only resulted in further questions about the “real” reason.

The dating reality show format is a reality television sub-genre with a number of successful titles. But that has not hampered the introduction of even more, like the latest dating reality television show, The Real Love Boat.

The show premiered in October 2022, and the second episode has already created a stir following the abrupt departure of fan-favourite contestant, Brett DeLaura.

The reason for his early departure was owing to an undisclosed illness. This statement only piqued the interest of fans as they believe that there is more to the story.

Is The Real Love Boat a reboot?

The Real Love Boat premiered on Wednesday, 5 October 2022. The show is a reality-format seeing five single women and five single men come aboard the ship in the hopes of finding love on The Real Love Boat.

The name of the series is a play on the name of the hit 70s and 80s fictional series, The Love Boat, which was about passengers and crew members finding love on the Pacific Princess cruise ship.

The Real Love Boat is inspired by the classic series, but it is not a reboot, as this is a reality format show with “real” contestants looking for love instead of a fictionalised series.

Why did Brett leave The Real Love Boat?

Following the first episode of The Real Love Boat, it did not take viewers long to decide on their favourite contestants. One in particular was the reality star, singer, and professional artist, Brett DeLaura.

Brett is a 36-year-old single best known as part of the country-pop trio called Holiday State with his brothers Bry and Brandon DeLaura.

By the end of the episode, fans had already partnered Brett with who they believed was the perfect match for him in the competition so far, which was 34-year-old Brooke White.

Brett took to Instagram to tease and promote the episode with this pairing before the second episode aired on Thursday, 13 October 2022.

Therefore, when the second episode aired, it was announced that Brett had to leave the boat abruptly on account of an illness which was undisclosed. It did not take long for viewers to start speculating whether there was more to the story.

Fans took to social media to voice their dissatisfaction about the reason provided for Brett’s early departure, especially since the show did not show Brett leaving the boat, which is usually the case in reality shows when a contestant leaves early.

It is common for the show to showcase the contestant leaving and bidding the show goodbye, however, this did not happen with Brett’s exit.

What has Brett said about leaving The Real Love Boat?

Viewers of The Real Love Boat believed that if it were true that Brett DeLaura left because of an illness, the reality star and musician would have addressed the matter on his social media.

Whether it was to confirm the reason for his departure or to provide an update on his health now that the episode has aired.

But instead, Brett only continued to promote the show on his Instagram and made light of the hashtag “what happened to Brett”, which was started by viewers.

Why would Brett not say anything about leaving The Real Love Boat?

Though it is unknown why Brett has not addressed his exit from the show, The Real Love Boat has already confirmed that at various port stops throughout the first season run of the show, new singles will come aboard the boat while others will be asked to leave.

Considering that Brett is still promoting the show and has not addressed the reason for his departure, a great plot twist in the show down the road would be if Brett returned.

If this does happen, it will most likely be during one of the port stops to surprise the viewers and the remaining original and new contestants on the boat. But this is pure speculation.

Why does Brett need to return after leaving The Real Love Boat?

The Real Love Boat has not gotten off to a great start with viewership numbers, with an underwhelming premiere episode, and it is currently facing backlash about the reason for Brett DeLaura’s exit.

The vague reasoning for Brett’s exit has caused some viewers to threaten that they will not watch the show until the matter is properly addressed or until Brett returns.

Seeing as the dating reality show has already started on an underwhelming note, further annihilating the viewers could cause a further dip in numbers. Therefore, the show could see a rise in numbers if Brett returns in the upcoming episodes.