Why did Bryce and Addison break up?

Bryce Hall confirmed his breakup from Addison Rae in a YouTube video, where he clarified that they broke up due to their busy schedules and not because he had cheated on her.

Bryce Hall released a YouTube video on Friday, 26 March 2021, where he addressed his and social media star, Addison Rae’s breakup. The equally popular YouTube creator explained that there have been multiple false reports on the demise of their relationship, and he felt it best to address it directly instead of giving an exclusive interview to any publication. Bryce revealed that they broke up a month prior to making it public, as they had tried their best to keep the specifics about their split private.

He stated, “Everything on social media has been blown way out of proportion. This is the only time I feel like anyone could judge, because it is actually me speaking about a situation that I am involved in.” Bryce unequivocally denied ever cheating on Addison at any point in their relationship and claimed that the reason for their breakup was that they both had a lot of things going on in their lives. He also confirmed that the breakup was mutual and that they still have love and respect for one another.