Why did Buhle leave Gomora?

Buhle, played by Ama Qamata, made the decision to leave Mzansi Magic’s Gomora in order to continue with her lead role on Netflix’s Blood And Water.

Ama Qamata was one of the original cast members of Mzansi Magic’s Gomora, which premiered in early 2020, taking on the character of Buhle. Buhle came from a wealthy family, however, the trajectory of her life quickly changed after her father was murdered and she was forced to move back to her mother’s home township of Alexandra. Whilst adapting to her new life, she met Teddy and Ntokozo at school, who quickly got her embroiled in drama she didn’t anticipate.

As her relationship with Ntokozo became more serious, she had sent him n*de photos of herself which were leaked and spread all over town. The embarrassment and shame caused for her to attempt suicide, which was not successful. The entire ordeal led to her mother, Thati, deciding to send her away to a different school, so that she could move on with her life without the drama.

In reality, the actress’ departure from the series was due to her role on Netflix’s Blood And Water. Ama takes on the lead role of Puleng, and is currently shooting the second season in Cape Town.