Why did C.W. leave Mythic Quest?

C.W. Longbottom left Mythic Quest at the end of its second season for a global trip, then sent a letter to say that he would not be returning.

Mythic Quest has garnered many loyal fans that enjoy the show’s comedic moments, as well as all of its other great elements.

However, some fans were shocked to learn that C.W. Longbottom left the show at the end of the second season and that he would not be returning in the third.

Why do people watch Mythic Quest?

Mythic Quest aired on 7 February 2020 on Apple TV+ and quickly became a cult-favourite workplace comedy with a decent group of loyal fans. Mythic Quest follows the lives of a group of co-workers who work for a video game studio.

The brilliant cast of the show is the main reason why it is so successful, but fans enjoy the show for an array of reasons.

Some of the most popular aspects of the show include the fully-realised female characters, the entertaining video game elements, and its sincere, yet genuinely funny comedic lines.

Why did C.W. leave Mythic Quest?

The much-awaited third season of Mythic Quest premiered on 11 November 2022.

Although fans were excited to see how Ian and Poppy would fair after leaving Mythic Quest at the end of the second season to start their own company, many fans were disappointed to see that C.W. Longbottom would not be returning to the show.

C.W. Longbottom, who was played by F. Murray Abraham on the show, was initially introduced to Mythic Quest fans as the old and inappropriate head game writer for the studio.

In a later episode, fans were given the context of the relationship between Ian and C.W. in a flashback about how the two decided to work together.

At the start of the most recent season, the characters of Mythic Quest are all scattered about, but they get back together at a “Welcome back” party for C.W. who should be returning from his global trip to take over Mythic Quest now that Ian has left.

But instead, he sends them a letter to inform the team that he had decided to drive off the side of a cliff following his terminal diagnosis.

In reality, F. Murray Abraham abruptly left the show before the third season was filmed.

Although the creators of Mythic Quest have declined to comment on why he left the show, most people assume that there was a scheduling conflict with another hit show that F. Murray Abraham features in, called The White Lotus, and which is partially filmed in Sicily.

How did C.W. Longbottom leave the show?

Although C.W. Longbottom’s departure from the show was rather unexpected for fans that missed the official announcement that he would not be part of the third season of the show in April, the show’s creators were adamant that C.W. go out in the most dramatic way possible.

As a result, instead of showing up to the party thrown in his honour at the beginning of the third season, he sent a letter to inform the team that he had received a terminal prognosis and that he would be ending his life “Thelma and Louise style” by driving off the Grand Canyon.

After this dramatic conclusion, his remains were shot into space from a satellite, of which the team catches a quick glimpse during the episode.

What was the significance of C.W. Longbottom leaving the show?

C.W. was one of the quirkier characters on the show, but in the end he was really not ready to become a mentor and take over the management of the studio after Ian and poopy left.

Since C.W. was written off the show in such a dramatic way, it is unlikely that the show will bring in another character to replace him just yet.

The creators of Mythic Quest had their hands full trying to craft a storyline in which C.W.’s departure from the show seemed planned and fit in with what fans know about his character.

But in the end they decided that his dramatic exit was the best way to pay tribute to the character while keeping things funny.

What else happens in the first episode of season three of Mythic Quest?

Aside from C.W.’s off-screen departure from the series, the first episode of Mythic Quest season three contained many new elements to entice fans.

Viewers also got to see what the new GrimPop Studios look like and they were introduced to Ian and Poppy’s new idea for the game, “Hera”.

The new studios and Poppy and Ian’s business relationship moving forward will most likely be a central theme throughout the rest of the season.