Why did Emily Kaye leave WRIC?

Emily Kaye left WRIC in January 2023, so that she could pursue a new, different dream, outside of broadcast meteorology.

Emily Kaye has been the resident broadcast meteorologist at WRIC since 2021. She has been dutifully providing the people of Richmond with their weather and traffic updates ever since then.

However, Emily announced that the 11 January 2023 broadcast was her last time on air and that she would be moving on to pursue a different dream.

Who is Emily Kaye?

Weather presenters have been a staple of sketch comedies, blooper reels and parodies for many years. But there is no denying that broadcast meteorologists have one of the most important jobs on the entire broadcast news team.

Emily Kaye joined the WRIC-TV team as their meteorologist in June 2021 and has since spent years informing the people of Richmond about what they can expect from the weather and traffic every day.

Emily has also become quite well-known for her endearing personality and spontaneous sense of humour among her co-workers and fans over the years.

Why did Emily Kaye leave WRIC?

WRIC is an affiliate of ABC, and it focuses on bringing local news updates, reviews, and even changes in the weather to the attention of local Richmond residents. Moreover, like most local news stations, WRIC is an important part of many people’s daily lives.

As a result, Emily Kaye also became the voice and face of daily weather and traffic updates in the Richmond area since she started working at the channel. Kaye has covered everything from hurricanes to hard-hitting news stories throughout the years.

Unfortunately, Emily did announce in a social media post on 11 January 2023, that she was moving on from WRIC.

In this emotional post, which she shared on her Facebook and Twitter profiles, Emily explained that this day was her last day on air.

She explained that although she had dreamt of being a broadcast meteorologist since the age of ten, she was moving on to a new dream.

Emily did not explain what this new dream was in her posts, but she promised to keep her fans updated on social media with any new news.

Emily also did not explain why she was leaving WRIC, but judging from the positive tone of her posts, it is likely that she is just moving on to a new chapter in her life.

She also shared a few behind-the-scenes photos from her time at WRIC. These included some of her co-workers like Delaney Hall, Ben Dennis, Eric Phillips, and John Rodgers who all wished her luck on her future endeavours in the comments, along with many of her fans.

What did Emily do before she joined WRIC?

Initially, Kaye earned her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and a minor in Communications from Mississippi State University before she started her career at WJHG in Panama City Beach, Florida.

From there, she joined the KWKT-TV team in Waco, Texas as the Weekend Meteorologist and Multimedia Journalist.

There, she had to cover several extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, severe storms, and extreme winter weather before she moved back to Virginia to be closer to her family and to join the WRIC team.

Kaye said in her goodbye post that her journey in broadcast meteorology has taught her a lot about the news business and has put her in contact with some amazing people.

How did Emily’s fans feel about her leaving WRIC?

Emily’s farewell post on Facebook currently has almost 100 comments from fans saying how sad they are to see her leave, but wishing her luck on her next adventure – whatever it may be.

Similarly, the post has been viewed over 10000 times on Twitter by fans who have shared in the bittersweet news of Emily’s departure from WRIC.

How did Emily’s co-workers feel about her leaving WRIC?

Several of Emily’s co-workers wished her well on her goodbye-posts on Facebook and Twitter and she even shared some funny behind-the-scenes photos from het years at WRIC. Delaney Hall commented on a silly photo of her and Emily wearing the same dress.

Furthermore, Ben Dennis from DC News left a comment about how great it was to be on Emily’s team when he was at WRIC, and Eric Chase wished her “nothing but the best” on her new adventure.

John Rodgers also commented that it was a joy working with Emily and gave her his best wishes.

Overall, it seems like Emily left WRIC on good terms and will be sorely missed by the rest of the team who will continue to work hard to bring the local residents of Richmond their daily dose of news.