Why did everyone in South Africa want Disney Plus?

Ahead of the premiere of Black Is King in 2020, Disney plus trended in South Africa as locals looked to find access to the locally unavailable platform.

In July 2020, Beyonce Knowles-Carter premiered her much-anticipated visual album, Black Is King. Black Is King was inspired by her most recent album, The Lion King: The Gift, which is a soundtrack for the live action rendition of the Lion King. Black Is King provided the supporting visuals for the soundtrack by Knowles-Carter, which arguably shifted pop culture as the global superstar is known to do. However, considering that Black Is King was released during the early stages of the pandemic, the movie theatres were still closed.

Therefore, the film premiered on Disney Plus on Friday, 31 July 2020. South Africans, along with the rest of the African continent could not watch the film in real time because Disney Plus is not available in the country. Considering that Beyonce stated that the film was her love letter to Africa, the exclusion did not bode well for Knowles-Carter and Disney Plus. So much so that MultiChoice announced it would air the film on their DStv platform.

Since then, Disney Plus confirmed that it is working on introducing the paid subscription video on demand platform to South Africa in 2022.