Why did Friends end?

Arguably one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, Friends, ended its 10-year run on a high in 2004, leaving fans wanting more almost two decades later.

From its first episode on Thursday, 22 September 1994, Friends became a pop culture phenomenon, garnering fans of all ages and generations.

After 10 seasons, the series aired its final episode in 2004, which saw Monica and Chandler beginning their lives as parents, Phoebe becoming a newlywed and Ross and Rachel finally getting back together.

Joey went on to become an actor in Hollywood, which was documented in the failed spin-off series, Joey.

Since the peak of the series’ popularity, a new wave of fans have come onboard, following the show’s airing on the popular streaming site, Netflix.

The consistent pleas for a revival season were finally heeded, when the cast announced that they would be returning to screens in 2020.

In a social media post in February 2020, the cast thrilled fans with the news that they will be appearing in a reunion special, which was scheduled to premiere in May 2020.

Due to the production breaks imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reunion has been delayed to a later date in 2020.