Why did Gabisile leave Uzalo?

Gabisile, played by Baby Cele, exited the Uzalo storyline at the end of season six, due to the actress’ desire to pursue another role in an upcoming eTV production.

Gabisile, played by renowned actress, Baby Cele, concluded her storyline at the end of season six of SABC 1’s Uzalo, which aired on Monday, 15 February 2021. Gabisile’s death occurred when Qhabanga found out that she was responsible for the death of his wife and son, Nomcebo and Khehla, leaving him outraged at what she had done. Despite the fact that Gabisile was on the path to redemption and was willing to admit to her wrongdoings, Qhabanga was unable to forgive her, causing for her to be suffocated and her body sent down the river.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Baby bid farewell to her character, stating, “I fell in love with this Gabi girl, this is the hardest part of being an actor, it’s like you give birth to a beautiful healthy baby – only to be told that you have to give it up for adoption, scary isn’t it?”

In early February 2021, Baby shared a behind-the-scenes image of herself and her co-stars from an upcoming production. The first image she shared was a selfie with veteran actor, Lindani Nkosi, followed by another selfie with two other castmates. The post suggested that her role in the upcoming eTV series was the reason for her departure from Uzalo.