Why did Gugudan disband?

Gugudan announced that it would be splitting in December 2020, after two years of inactivity, which was publicly blamed on managing company, Jellyfish Entertainment.

Gugudan was a South Korean girl group that was launched in 2016 by entertainment company, Jellyfish Entertainment. The group comprised nine members, Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Nayoung, Sejeong, Sally, Soyee and Mina, who were brought together to offer their individual attributes to the band. Gugudan’s introduction into the k-pop industry started strong, as they immediately generated a large fan base that eagerly awaited new music from the ensemble.

The band only released three EPs, The Little Mermaid, Narcissus and New Action, which were all great successes. Due to their growing popularity, fans were surprised when Gugudan took an unexplained hiatus in 2018, with no songs or music videos released for two years. Aside from their lack of releases, the band also avoided all public engagements and stopped attending events together. The strange turn of events left fans wondering what had taken place, and why there had been no explanation either.

In 2020, Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement on Gugudan’s official fan website, stating, “This is Jellyfish Entertainment. First of all, we’d like to thank the fans for loving and supporting Gugudan. We would like to give you our official position regarding their group activities. All the members of Gugudan have been working hard and receiving a lot of love since their debut, but after a long and in-depth discussion, we have decided they will officially end their group activities on December 31st 2020.

“Although their group activities are over, we will do our best to provide full support for their individual activities, such as music and acting. Thank you once again for your great support, and we sincerely apologise for the sudden news to the fans who love Gugudan. Lastly, please continue to show warm love and interest to the members who are about to make a fresh start. Thank you.”

The statement sparked further speculation amongst fans, who began blaming Jellyfish Entertainment for a lack of involvement in the band’s career, which they claimed led to the band’s demise. Fans questioned why they had been quiet for so long, and believed that the entertainment company had ruined their careers. Jellyfish Entertainment has not spoken out about Gugudan since the announcement.