Why did Hulisani leave Muvhango?

Hulisani from Muvhango, originally played by Khathu Ramabulana, did not leave the series; the character was recast and Burnett Gededger currently assumes the role.

Hulisani’s recasting in December 2020 left Muvhango fans confused because the production gave no prior warning of the sudden change. The original actor, Khathu Ramabulana, was replaced by Burnett Gededger, and with the actors having no resemblance, some viewers were under the impression that the character, Hulisani, had left the storyline.

Khathu’s departure from the show was reportedly because of his role on Netflix’s Queen Sono, which was set to be renewed for a second season. However, Netflix has since decided that the second season would be cancelled, meaning that Khathu’s exit from Muvhango was in vain.

Viewers of Muvhango appear to be unimpressed by Burnett’s portrayal of the character, which has led to them appealing to production house, World Of Mouth, to bring Khathu back. Fans were also frustrated by SABC 2’s lack of warning, which they felt had caused unnecessary confusion. Muvhango’s response to being inundated with queries led to the show comically stating, “Guys, Hulisani gambled his old look away.”

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