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Why did JazziDisciples split?

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JazziDisciples decided to part ways in June 2020, as the musicians felt it was best for them to focus on their individual sounds whilst remaining close friends.

Mr JazziQ and Josiah De Disciple teamed up in 2017 to collectively produce a string of hit amapiano songs, showcasing their collaborative skills as South African producers. Despite doing relatively well as a duo for just over three years, the pair decided to split in June 2020, claiming that it was time for them to return to their individual work.

In a statement to local media, JazziDisciples was quoted as saying, “We decided to move from JazziDisciples mainly because we did not want to be glued together as we both believe that we have the potential to grow as individuals, being a duo has taught us both new and entertaining ways to do music, I am grateful for that. Our journey has been bumpy and tricky because we had to fight for recognition while playing a genre that was still new to the ears of many, but it is undoubtedly one of the best genres in the country, mainly because it’s brewed here,”.

Whilst the two are currently pursuing their solo careers, they have stipulated on multiple occasions that they have not formally split, and they would rather consider their time apart as a hiatus. Fans are hopeful that they will reunite in the near future, after achieving their individual goals.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]

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