Why did Kea leave The Queen?

Dineo Langa, who played Kea Khoza on The Queen, exited the show after an alleged dispute with production company, Ferguson Films, caused by her request for time off.

Dineo Langa portrayed the role of Harriet Khoza’s daughter, Keabetswe “Kea” Khoza on The Queen, and was part of the Ferguson Films production since its premiere in 2016. The character’s departure from the storyline occurred in August 2020, at the start of the fifth season, and involved her dying in a car explosion intended for her mother. The character’s death caused an uproar amongst viewers, as they were outraged at the fact that Dineo did not physically appear in the scene.

It is speculated that her anticlimactic exit was due to conflict between her and Ferguson Films, which allegedly refused to give her time off to shoot a film. Due to their inability to work around her shooting schedule, Dineo was allegedly fired from the show and written out of the storyline.

Dineo expressed her views on her departure from The Queen in the comments section of Loyiso MacDonald’s Instagram post, where she bluntly revealed to her followers that she would be leaving the show before it was even indicated in the storyline. One viewer asked, “When does Kea come back from Dubai?” She responded, “Ang’buyi mina, ngaxoshwa,” which means “I am not coming back, I was fired.”