Why did Khaya and Ntando divorce?

Khaya Mthethwa and his ex-wife, Ntando Kunene, announced their divorce in 2019, which the singer claimed was because of external pressures from family.

Khaya Mthethwa and Ntando Kunene confirmed their divorce in late 2019, after experiencing various struggles in their marriage.

The news of their split came as a shock to fans who were in awe of their picture-perfect life that was portrayed on Instagram.

In a December 2019 YouTube video of a sermon delivered by Khaya, the gospel singer explained that it was important for him to be honest with his followers as things are not always how they appear to be on social media.

He revealed that 2019 had been a devastating year for him because he and Ntando had come to the realisation that their marriage was no longer working.

Khaya shared that after the birth of their son, they worked hard at mending old wounds and that their parents also pressured them to stay together.

After admitting that their relationship was irreconcilable, they both agreed to getting a divorce and to raising their son as co-parents.

Ntando shared a post on her Instagram page in January 2020, stating, “We don’t cry because we want something back, but it’s the way in which we accept the reality and ride the wave as it comes. Some days you overcome the day, at times the day overcomes you. These days are equally important. Cry… But move. Identify the season and live through it. There’s something so beautiful about starting from scratch… So long as we are given breath in our body.”

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