Why did Kyle leave WGCI?

Kyle Santillian left WGCI on 13 February 2023, but he did not give the public an official reason for his departure.

WGCI has always been one of Chicago’s top local radio stations because of the station’s excellent playlists and hosts.

Kyle Santillian, who had been the Morning Show host on WGCI for eight years, recently announced that he would be leaving the station, but did not provide a reason for why he was leaving.

About WGCI

Many people who grew up in Chicago remember WGCI as the number one radio station for the best hip-hop and R&B oldies, new releases, and playlists. WGCI was often the number one radio station in the whole of Chicago in the late ‘90s and early 00’s.

Now, decades down the line, this iHeartMedia-owned radio station continues to be one of the most popular local stations among the 18 to 34 year demographic for a reason.

WGCI has become known not only for its excellent selection of music, but also for the incredibly talented hosts that fill the gaps in between songs and entertain listeners of the station all day long.

Why did Kyle leave WGCI?

Kyle Santillian, the (now) former host of the WGCI Morning Show was one of the hosts on the station that really provided regular listeners with a sense of familiarity and stability.

However, Kyle sadly announced on 13 February 2023 that he would be leaving his position as host at WGCI permanently.

This came as a shock to many WGCI fans and fans of the Morning Show, since Kyle has been one of the longest-running hosts at the station.

In fact, he’d only just celebrated his eight-year anniversary there in January 2023. He celebrated this anniversary with a post on Twitter in which he spoke about how much he had enjoyed living in Chicago for eight years.

Some fans have speculated that Kyle had actually left WGCI two weeks before his departure was officially announced because of some of the comments that he had made on Twitter.

However, neither Kyle nor WGCI ever gave an official reason for why he decided to leave after eight happy years on the show.

Regardless of when or why exactly Kyle decided to leave WGCI, it is evident that he left on his own terms and that he is happy to have more time to spend with his family and pursuing his other passions.

Kyle also thanked the whole management team at WGCI, including Derrick Brown, Doc Wynter, Thea Mitchem, and Matt Scarano for how they had treated him during his time at the station. This indicates that he left on good terms in the end.

Who will be hosting the Morning Show at WGCI now?

Before Kyle became the host of the WGCI Morning Show, the show had gone through three Morning Show hosts within ten years. However, now that he has left, he has passed the Morning Show baton to Kendra G and Leon Rogers.

Kendra G joined the WGCI team at almost the same time as Kyle after she left the Power 92 team. Leon Rogers, on the other hand, was previously on the Chicago Morning Takeover show.

Why did fans speculate that Kyle was leaving before the announcement was made?

Earlier this year, Kyle tweeted that he had been at the station for more than twelve hours and was still not done with his work.

This was followed by his eight-year anniversary post, which he started off by saying that he was so busy that he almost forgot to post.

However, his 31 January 2023 post is what really got his fans concerned that he may be leaving the show.

The post read “When YOU feel like you made the RIGHT decision….you made the RIGHT DECISION!” which seemed to imply that he had already decided to depart from WGCI.

What is Kyle doing now that he has left WGCI?

Since Kyle’s departure from WGCI earlier this month, he has been particularly active on social media.

However, he has not divulged many details about any new projects that he may be working on, but he has been posting about sponsored events and premieres since 13 February 2023.

So it seems that he is just shifting his focus from being a radio host to being an influencer or entrepreneur.

It seems like Kyle is mostly enjoying having more time to spend with his family. In an Instagram post, posted on 1 February 2023, he confessed that he was able to take his children to school that morning for the first time in years.

Moreover, on 15 February, he posted another video about taking them to school.