Why did Lulu leave General Hospital?

Lulu’s exit from ABC’s General Hospital saw the character being severely injured in an explosion, which ultimately left her in need of assistance from a long-term care facility.

Lulu, played by Emme Rylan, exited the General Hospital storyline in early December 2020, after the character was caught in an explosion that was meant to kill hitman, Jason.

Although she survived the incident, Lulu was severely injured and put into a coma. The unexpected plot twist gave way for Lulu to be sent away to a long-term care facility, which kept fans hopeful that she would return at some point in the future.

Emme had kept quiet about her departure at first, causing for fans to believe that it was out of her control.

However, in response to a fan who had asked about her possible return on an Instagram post, she stated:

“I was told that I was being taken off contract and that the character was being put into a coma. I wasn’t informed about anything else. If they invite me back, I would definitely come back. I love my GH family.”