Why did Mapaseka Mokwele divorce?

Mapaseka Mokwele and her husband, Thabo Mokwele, wed in 2002, and after a brief divorce in 2013, they have reunited and claim to be stronger than ever.

Mapaseka and Thabo Mokwele are noted as one of the few South African celebrity couples who have stood the test of time. After working together to overcome certain hurdles in their relationship, which could have led to the definite end of their marriage, they have been more open about their journey. Moreover, they have used their experiences to guide and advise others.

After tying the knot in 2002, Mapaseka and Thabo got divorced in 2013, as they felt that they were leading completely different lives and not working together as a unit at the time. After working on themselves, they re-married in 2016. They rectified their issues and felt ready to move forward as a unit.

In an interview with Anele Mdoda in 2017 on her show, Real Talk With Anele, the couple explained that they have found a way to separate their professional and personal lives. Mapaseka stated that when they are working together, they are colleagues, but when they are at home, they are husband and wife. Thabo also shared that the success of their marriage can be partially attributed to the fact that they support each other in every endeavour, as they want to see one another succeed.

In 2020, Mapaseka starred in M-Net’s Single Wives SA, where she served as a relationship expert and coach. She offered the women advice on how to avoid conflict and embrace challenges head on, drawing from her own experiences. In April 2020, Mapaseka and Thabo celebrated their 18-year wedding anniversary, and claimed to be looking forward to strengthening their marriage in the years to come.

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