Why did Marlena Evans leave Days of Our Lives?

Marlena Evans left Days of Our Lives after the character died as a result of a deadly toxin that was administered in the summer by Orpheus.

Although Days of our Lives has been a popular television show for many years, NBCUniversal has recently moved the show to Peacock.

This had led to quite a few changes, including long-time character, Marlena Evans (who is played by Deidre Hall), dying from the toxin that Orpheus gave to her, Kayla, and Kate.

Days of Our Lives’ move to streaming only

Days of Our Lives, or as the show is affectionately referred to by its fans – simply “Days” or DOOL, has been on the air for over 57 years.

However, close to the end of last year, NBCUniversal announced that they would be moving this beloved show to their streaming service, Peacock, moving forward.

Days of Our Lives is not the first daytime opera to make the move to streaming only.

Moreover, since the over 14000 episodes of the show that have aired over the years will be available on Peacock too, this seems to be the perfect opportunity for the show to refresh itself without losing touch of its roots.

Why did Marlena Evans leave Days of Our Lives?

Even though Days of Our Lives has remained pretty much the same since the show moved to Peacock, there have also been some indications that big changes may be coming soon.

This includes the fact that some long-running cast members of the show, including Deidre Hall, who plays the role of Marlena Evans and who first joined the cast in the 1970s, have been leaving the show as of late.

Although Dr Marlena Evans’s death in the 23 January 2023 episode of Days of Our Lives has saddened many of the other characters and certainly long-time fans of the show, this moment did not come as a complete shock.

Ever since Orpheus’s plan was put into motion last summer, Kate, Kayla, and Marlena’s fate on the show seemed truly bleak.

Although all three of these women were rescued after being kidnapped by Orpheus months ago, they soon became ill from a toxin that Orpheus stole from Dr Rolf.

Even though they eventually figured out that they could make an antidote to the toxin, it was too late when the orchid was stolen, and Marlena soon followed in Kate and Kayla’s footsteps.

However, even though Marlena has indeed died, the trailers of this season of Days of Our Lives suggest that Deidre may reprise her role as Marlena for a few episodes in the Days of Our Lives afterlife and that she has not quite left the show for good.

How long has Deidre Hall been on the show as Marlena Evans?

Deidre Hall first joined the cast of Days of Our Lives when she guest starred as Marlena Evans in 1976. Marlena was brought in as the psychiatrist for another character on the show at the time called Mickey Horton.

Now, in 2023, Deidre Hall has spent more than four decades portraying Marlena’s often unexpected and wild storylines on the show. She has also definitely become a fan-favourite character on the soap opera.

How does Deidre Hall feel about leaving the show after all these years?

When questioned about her beloved character’s death, Deidre Hall only had one piece of advice for fans that have grown just as attached to Marlena Evans over the years as she did: “Stay calm and carry on.”

She elaborated that even though shooting her final scenes with Drake Hogestyn (who plays John on the show) were emotional, she was excited about the prospect of shooting a few more episodes with Lauren Koslow and Mary Beth Evans, who will join her as Kate and Kayla in the afterlife scenes.

What is happening to Marlena in the afterlife?

Right after Marlena passed away in John’s arms on the roof of the hospital, fans got to see a glimpse of her reunion with Kate and Kayla as they cross over to the afterlife.

However, in the very next episode, Marlena emerges from the void into a bright room filled with billowing drapes and marble, which would seemingly imply that this supernatural twist has led her to heaven.

Still dazed and confused, Marlena bumps into Susan, who explains that Marlena is in fact dead. Susan quickly explains that she is there to help Marlena cross over and meet The King, and the hurries Marlena off to another room.

However, there is yet another twist, as Susan’s eyes subsequently glow and she cackles as soon as Marlena is out of the room, indicating that this afterlife may not be heaven after all.