Why did Mbali leave The River?

Zenokuhle Maseko assumed the role of Mbali Dikana on 1Magic’s The River from 2018 to 2020, but was killed off in line with the contractional agreement signed when she landed the role.

Zenokuhle Maseko portrayed the character of Mbali Dikana on 1Magic’s The River from 2018 until February 2020. Mbali was the naïve, yet outspoken daughter of Lindiwe and Zweli who exited the series during the season two finale.

Her death occurred after Tumi tampered with Lindiwe’s car, unaware that Mbali would be the one to drive it.

Once she realised that Mbali was in the car, she pleaded with her to get out, however, it was too late and Mbali was killed.

Mbali’s death filtered into following seasons, as Lindiwe eventually found out that Tumi was the one who killed her daughter.

In an interview with local media in February 2020, the actress explained that her role on the show was always going to be two years long and she was prepared for her exit.

She expressed her gratitude to the production for casting her in her first television role.

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