Why did Negan kill Glenn?

The Walking Dead’s Negan killed Glenn in order to reinforce the hierarchy, however,  the reason thereof was revealed differently for comic book readers and television viewers.

One of the most memorable seasons to date of The Walking Dead is arguably season seven.

According to IMDb, “Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.”

Season seven saw one of the most surprising deaths of the show’s current 10 seasons. This is as it marked the killing of Glenn by Negan, a matter which surprised television viewers more than it did the comic book readers.

Moreover, the reasoning for the killing is revealed differently for the comic book readers and television viewers

For the comic book readers, Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan was foreshadowed by the comics. This is The Walking Dead comic book no.100 contains the death of Glenn.

Therefore, it was surprising that The Walking Dead killed the character off in the hands of Negan.

Moreover, the comic book provides a more nuanced and detailed reasoning for Glenn’s death, as it was a consequence for crossing the Saviours and restoring order by spreading fear in the people of Alexandria.

However, for the television viewers who had never read the comic, it took until the most recent season, season 10, for the revelation on Negan’s reasoning to be shared.

The decision to do so was probably due to the continued questioning by television viewers. Hence the show relied on the most used device in order to answer questions about an event in the past, which was a time lapse into the past.

The scene in question from season 10 is when Negan was about to kill Baxter. Negan gave a lengthy monologue which aimed to highlight how his decision was in an attempt to reinforce the hierarchy and to ensure his own longevity.

The monologue is understood to remark on his decision to kill Glenn as an offensive move.

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